Body Intelligence Summit 2016

Creativity Starts In Our Bodies

With Gillian Ferrabee
Hosted by Dr. Katie Hendricks

Most of us think of creativity as something that comes from outside of us, or as a talent that we are born with, or as a way of thinking. Creativity is actually an extraordinary ongoing dance between the information we receive through the conduit of our bodies, and the way we shape and connect that information in new ways with new meaning. The more aware and engaged we are with our body intelligence, the more agile and expanded is our creativity. During this session you will learn:
• How our body intelligence connects directly to our creativity.
• The basic neuroscience of creative thinking
• Tools to try at home to experience the connection between our body intelligence and out creativity.

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Gillian Ferrabee

Director of the Creative Lab, at Cirque du Soleil Media. Coach for Entrepreneurs and Creatives. Speaker. Workshop Leader.
Gillian Ferrabee wrote, directed and performed in her first full length play at the age of 10. She has been fascinated with storytelling, and with the connection between creativity, consciousness and our bodies ever since. Her first professional career was as a contemporary dancer. She performed throughout Europe, North and Central America for ten years. She then transitioned into acting for TV and film for another decade. In 2004 she joined Cirque du Soleil’s casting team as a full-time scout travelling the world looking for extraordinary talent, and scouting new trends in live performance and design. In 2012 she was named Director of the Creative Lab at Cirque Du Soleil Media where she leads a team of creatives in developing projects destined for the International TV, film and new media markets. Gillian is also a speaker, has a practice as an executive coach and leads workshops on embodying creativity.