Body Intelligence Summit 2016

Awakening Love

With Amara Pagano
Hosted by Lamara Heartwell

There is an increased amount of light that is touching all of us now. And that light is illuminating the shadow inside of us, like never before. I use the dance as a vehicle to support the journey of embracing our shadow. Utilizing the body intelligence to feel and integrate the wounded parts of our being. This is the process of awakening love, and transforming suffering into joy. In this session, you will discover:
• The importance of embodiment in awakening love
• Four physical orientations that support us in moving through life with greater ease
• Perspective on what is “next” in the world of conscious movement

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Amara Pagano

Founder of Azul Conscious Movement and Co-Founder of OneDanceTribe Global Conscious Movement Community

Amara Pagano is the creator of Azul conscious movement. Azul is the result of Amara’s love and lifelong dedication to dance as a vehicle for personal growth and transformation. She first worked with Gabrielle Roth in 1991 and has been a full time student and teacher ever since. Trained in both Waves and Heartbeat, she has taught 5Rhythms® for 18 years and has traveled the world spreading her unique voice in this work throughout countries in Europe, the Americas and Australia. Azul combines Amara’s expertise in movement and embodiment with the teachings received by her spiritual teacher Prem Baba. Azul facilitates psycho-spiritual healing, fosters self-knowledge and opens the gateway to experiencing pure love and joy. Amara is also the co-founder of OneDanceTribe a global community of people evolving through conscious movement. She is a based in Maui, Hawaii and travels extensively offering retreats and trainings.