Body Intelligence Summit 2016

Our Harmonic Universe

With Randy Masters
Hosted by Mark Metz

We will talk about the harmonic coherence of our Vibrational Universe that is based on the Sound Current and light and their influence on the world of shape-Sacred Geometry.Sound, Light/Color and Geometry /Form all contain unifying harmonic codes and relationships the foster the ongoingness of life-the ratios of life. Listeners will learn:
• Sonic Origins of Creation – from Thought to Manifestation
• Divine Ratios of Creation-in Music, Light and Form
• What is The Music of the Spheres and how can understanding it help our lives

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Randy Masters

Teacher of Music, Sound and Sacred Geometry, Composer

Randy Masters is a multi disciplined alchemist, an award winning composer, a professional musician and multi-instrumentalist, a former university music teacher, and the designer of sacred geometry and sound products. He is a wellness facilitator for sound healing, spiritual counseling, Regenesis, and Universal White Time. He combines his expertise as a composer, harmonic mathematician and background in esoteric and exoteric sciences to reveal the precise harmonics of our universal life field. He is an international lecturer, author, and well-known specialist in his field often sought out for his expertise in many projects. Randy is an in-depth researcher on the pyramids, sacred sites, and the mathematical language of light and the harmonics of sacred numbers. His "Not So Mystery School" in Aptos, California, features weekend intensives in Sacred Geometry, (phiometry), Tuning Forks, Sound and Music and Ancient Esoteric Studies.

A gifted speaker, his students and colleagues are inspired to study and grow and he is a devoted spiritual and academic mentor to all in his world. He tells us his Universal Song classes help connect the dots of a far more loving and intelligent universe leading to more respect for our, and other worlds. Resonant Living, his company, produces products that are tuned to the universal harmonics and the world of geometry, sacred sites, and ancient musical traditions. His speciality products include Tuning Forks, Desktop and Windchimes, CDs, calibrated to specific natural frequencies. His Sacred Geometry jewelry is made with harmonically balanced stones.