Body Intelligence Summit 2016

Stepping Inside Myself

With Eileen Fisher
Hosted by Dr. Katie Hendricks

Embodiment feels like a connected and transformational place for me, and it is becoming a foundational piece within the company as well as our new Learning Lab. The important role that embodiment is playing has emerged through my own personal experience and transformational work.
During this session you will find out how:
• Embodiment is a pathway to presence in all our experiences and relationships.
• Learning to be more present – even during moments of conflict, fear and anxiety – can open us up to greater joy and creativity.
• We can learn to notice, feel and be with whatever is happening in our bodies. Once we become more aware, we’re able to make shifts and bring about change.

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Eileen Fisher

Founder and Chairwoman of EILEEN FISHER, INC.
Eileen is the Founder and Chairwoman of EILEEN FISHER, INC., the clothing company known for its simple shapes and beautiful fabrics. Eileen ventured into clothing design in 1984. Her original concept - pieces that work together to help women get dressed easily - still defines the company’s collections, which are sold at 65 EILEEN FISHER stores, over 300 department and specialty stores across the US, UK and Canada as well as 2 Green Eileen stores, which are part of the company’s innovative recycling program. Eileen is passionate about business as a movement. In spring 2015, the company announced VISION2020, a bold five-year plan that addresses sustainability and human rights. In keeping with Eileen’s belief in collaboration, VISION2020 calls for partnering with other brands to shift the fashion industry. “We don’t want sustainability to be our edge,” says Eileen. “We want it to be universal.” In 2015, Eileen also launched the Eileen Fisher Learning Lab where employees and the public are invited to embark on journeys of inquiry to explore purpose, mindfulness and embodiment through a variety of workshops and events. In October 2015, the Fashion Group International honored Eileen with the prestigious Sustainability Award. Eileen was the recipient of the 2015 Riverkeeper Award as well as BF+DA’s Corporate Leadership in Advancing Sustainability Award.