Body Intelligence Summit 2016

The Body as Foundation A Fourth Way Approach

With Russ Hudson
Hosted by Dr. Katie Hendricks

The Enneagram is mostly known as a system of psychological type, but it is actually part of a more comprehensive approach to human development. This teaching delineates three main “centers” of Intelligence: body, heart, and mind, and points to the integration of these three element of the human psyche as crucial for genuine psychological and spiritual wholeness. In this session, we will look at Presence as experienced in each of these centers, but also see how Presence in and with the body is the pre-requisite for genuine opening of the heart and mind. It is through the body that we come to our true heart, our true mind. We will investigate sensation as the direct experience of the intelligence of the body, and how the awakening of sensation initiates the process of integrating the three centers.

We'll explore:

  • Practices for deepening body awareness through sensation, and in ways that can be practiced anywhere
  • The way that developing body awareness leads to deepening the qualities of heart and mind—awakens our true heart and our true mind
  • Some of the psychological challenges and barriers to these processes of integration
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Russ Hudson

Renowned Enneagram Teacher and Co-Author of Wisdom of the Enneagram

Russ Hudson has established himself over the past three decades as one of the top teachers and developers of the Enneagram personality typology in the world today. Actively involved in the Enneagram community, Russ is co-founder and president emeritus of The Enneagram Institute, as well as a founding director and former vice president of the International Enneagram Association. He's been writing and teaching full time with The Enneagram Institute since 1991.

Russ has co-authored five bestselling books with Don Richard Riso, including The Wisdom of the Enneagram and Personality Types. These books are widely considered to be not only groundbreaking contributions in the field of Enneagram studies, but also important contributions to the literature of psychological types. The pair developed a scientifically validated test instrument, the Riso-Hudson Type Indicator (RHETI), now considered a standard test in the Enneagram field. The RHETI has been used by numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Russ has a solid background in science, as well as in studies of philosophy and religion. He approaches his work with the Enneagram holding both perspectives. Originally encountering the Enneagram through The Gurdjieff Work, he sees it as a map for personal development and awareness rather than merely as a system for categorizing people. He has emphasized the importance of cultivating presence and mindfulness as a foundation for authentic work with the Enneagram, and he has worked diligently to align the study of the Enneagram to spiritual practice, bringing their combined benefit into greater public awareness.

Russ has appeared as an expert on personality types on Good Morning America and The CBS Morning Show, as well as on several dozen radio and television shows. He has become a popular speaker at conferences and retreat centers around the world, including the Esalen Institute, the Wisdom 2.0 Conference, and the Science and Nonduality Conference (SAND).