We Are Awakening Individuals to Achieve Their Full Potential

Our Vision is to empower a global network of evolutionary change agents through media, education, and resources featuring leading wisdom keepers and visionaries.

We empower people on a journey of of personal growth, and provide a platform for an emerging culture to connect, collaborate, and co-create.

We aim to accelerate the shift to a world where each and every one of us has the opportunity to liberate our full creative potential.

We call ourselves The Shift Network because we believe it will take millions of awake, connected, and inspired individuals to collaborate on the changes that are needed for our world to truly shift. People from every race, creed, color, and national origin have their essential role to play.

Our ultimate aim? Upgrade our human operating system in order to co-create a healthy, peaceful, sustainable, just, and prosperous world.

We have already served over 3,200,000 people, with customers in 180 countries. We have featured over 3,100 thought leaders in domains as diverse as spirituality, holistic health, psychology, Qigong, somatics, Indigenous wisdom, enlightened business, yoga, herbalism, and peacebuilding.

And we’re just getting started, with a goal of empowering 100 million people to realize their full potential.

Are you part of the Shift?

Then let’s get connected.

On the personal level, our programs support you to:

  • Unlock your full potential through transformative education and media
  • Bring your unique gifts to the world
  • Spread the most effective practices to transform how we live
  • Share inspired media and stories that illuminate how to create societal change
  • Connect with like-minded allies who are called to create a better world


7 values that embody our commitments:

  • Unity in Diversity: We aim to include the entire human family in our decisions, respecting the beauty and value of our differences.
  • Wisdom: We seek deeper understanding through discernment, inquiry, and practice.
  • Truth: We show up courageously and compassionately for conversations to evolve ourselves, our relationships, our company, and our society.
  • Love: We treat team members, faculty, customers, and members with care and deep regard, uplifting their dignity and appreciating their gifts.
  • Excellence: We aim for "awesome" in everything we deliver, and embrace our failures as opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Sacred Reciprocity: We practice sacred reciprocity in sharing resources with stakeholders.
  • Integrity: We are committed to being the most trusted brand in transformation.


We Focus on empowering people to:

  • Embrace Inclusion — Extend your sense of connection to more cultures and creeds
  • Engage Socially — Uplift the marginalized, evolve our society, and heal societal wounds
  • Lead by Example — Inspire actions that spread more goodness with grace
  • Live with Reverence — Treat all beings with sacred respect, honoring the divine spark in everyone

We have specific Societal Impact commitments in the following four areas:

  • Peacebuilding — We believe it’s time to outgrow war and violence, and we amplify the teachings, practices, and perspectives of the world’s top peacebuilders. Here is our free World Peace Library
  • Equity, Inclusion & Diversity (EID) — We believe it’s time for the human family to come together in a spirit of respect, inclusion, and equity, which is why we champion diverse viewpoints, cultures, and social healing
  • Women’s Empowerment — We believe it’s time for our society to equally honor the role and contribution of women throughout the world, and offer programs that help equalize our society
  • Democracy 2.0 — We advocate for the evolution of public policy and decision-making in a peaceful, respectful, transpartisan way


We aim to “be the change” by having our organization reflect the world we want to create. We’ve created a loving culture with strong values, united by our vision and our commitment to shifting the world in a positive direction.

We value employee wellness, growth, and community service.


Our commitment is to be the most trusted brand in transformation, which is why we adopted the Association for Spiritual Integrity's Honor Code of Ethics for our organization and our teachers.



We’ve given hundreds of thousands of dollars directly to nonprofits, offered millions of dollars worth of scholarships to our programs for people who couldn’t otherwise afford them, and created specific programs that address societal issues from racism to political polarization.

Shifting the paradigm in business also means that for-profit companies like us need to consider social and environmental impact as part of what we do.

To that end, we allocated 20% of the founding shares of our company toward philanthropic works and organizations.


Stephen Dinan


The vision for The Shift Network came to Stephen while on a meditation retreat: “I got a powerful sense that we needed a global network connecting people who are activating more conscious lives in order to create a world that works for alI.” Many years later, what began as a flash of insight has transformed into a thriving organization and global leader in online transformational education, media, and events.

Stephen is a graduate of Stanford University (Human Biology) and the California Institute of Integral Studies (East-West Psychology). He co-created and directed the Esalen Center for Theory & Research, a think tank for leading scholars, researchers, and teachers to explore human potential frontiers, and also served as the Director of Membership and Marketing at the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

He is the author of Sacred America, Sacred World: Fulfilling our Mission in Service to All. He is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and Evolutionary Leaders, and has been a featured speaker at many international conferences, including the World Cultural Forum in China, the Alliance for a New Humanity in Costa Rica, and Renovemos Mexico in Mexico City. He lives in Northern California with his beloved wife Devaa and their two daughters.

Cyd Crouse


Cyd’s mission is simply to “do good” and make a positive impact wherever she goes. Prior to joining The Shift Network, she founded the Meditation Studio app, which was named one of Apple’s Top 10 Apps of the Year, which she sold to Interaxon (makers of Muse, the brain-sensing headband). At Muse, she served as the Chief Marketing Officer. Prior to that she was the Chief Operating Officer at Gaiam and held various leadership roles at Whole Foods Market.

Sylvia Fry


Passionate about the awakening of humanity and the evolution of consciousness in business, Sylvia has devoted her career to working in the transformational education field. With a solid background in management and customer service, she believes the only way to truly succeed is by treating others how we ourselves wish to be treated, while living in a state of sacred reciprocity with the Earth. In her teens she became certified as an Empathy Counselor, was the youngest member of her city’s Crisis Intervention Task Force, and during college co-created a soup kitchen serving the homeless.

Tina Boyd


Tina has held leadership roles in the finance and accounting field for three decades, working internationally at companies ranging in size from Fortune 100 corporations and public accounting firms to family-owned businesses, including Converse, Analog Devices, Chiron, and KPMG. Tina has vast experience in enhancing processes and implementing systems that have allowed companies to grow sustainably, as well as in building out finance, accounting, and office services teams and setting them up for success. Tina holds a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy and is proud to be a citizen of Chickasaw Nation.

Touran Samii


Touran has more than a decade of experience in the EdTech space — leading online marketing strategy, lead acquisition, branding, and digital content development for global companies and startups. Since joining The Shift Network in 2019, she has led the branding and marketing strategy of live courses, contributing to substantial customer and revenue growth. As VP, Touran is focused on optimizing the marketing strategy across different product lines to enhance and improve the customer journey. Her efforts have played a significant role in Shift’s continued exponential growth and advancing the company’s goal of empowering 100 million people in the next five years.

Imran Jaffery


Imran has made it his focus to institutionalize a more conscious approach to marketing and branding. Prior to joining Shift, he headed up digital marketing departments for several ad agencies, working with Fortune 500 brands including ConAgra, Spectrum, Fujifilm, Progressive Insurance, and Bowflex. He also successfully launched two digital startups, HooplaHa (now OnlyGood.TV) and Vidoozi, for which he was nominated for an Appy Award.


“I am continuously stunned by the depth of intimacy and transformational power of the Shift platform. Somehow, with the extraordinary attention to detail and ongoing support behind the scenes, coupled with the lived passion of its carefully selected teachers, Shift online courses create authentic sacred space — as real as any in-person retreat I have ever experienced — and into that impeccable container the light of the cosmos comes pouring, and everything... shifts. I love that The Shift Network is an interface where spirituality, social justice, and environmental activism meet, and students and faculty alike are given tools to wake up and heal the world.”

— Mirabai Starr

Translator of the Mystics, author of God of Love and Caravan of No Despair

“The Shift Network has my vote as the number one organization most likely to change our world. Their level of consciousness and integrity match their vision — of an expanded network of awakened people caring deeply about our world and each other, working for the things that matter most: justice, sustainability, peace, and wellness. They draw together the best thinkers of our time as social architects of the future. And that draws in participants who are ready to learn and take action.”

— Anodea Judith

Bestselling author of Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind

“The Shift Network has boldly stepped into global prominence as one of the most creative and visionary activators of global transformation. In every sphere of its work it convenes practical visionaries engaged in birthing a new planetary civilization. It works on a scale that is breathtaking as it enrolls people across the world to participate in evolutionary change and masterful peacemaking. Finally, an organization that provides the spiritual, intellectual, and skill-building tools for humanity’s next adventure in applied consciousness!”

— James O’Dea

World-renowned peacebuilder, former director of Amnesty International, DC; former President, Institute of Noetic Sciences

“The Shift Network is making important contributions in creating the global culture of peace and having a transformational influence on individuals through its Summer of Peace, World Peace Library, Peace Ambassador Training, and other peace initiatives. It is playing a valuable role in creating and participating in strategic partnerships that amplify the strengths of multiple organizations in advancing specific peace priorities.

The Shift Network’s peace programs have been presented at the first United Nations High Level Forum on The Culture of Peace, convened annually by the President of the General Assembly. Its main focus on self-transformation of individuals creating the culture of peace from “inner to international levels” has accorded it the richly deserved credibility and well-earned recognition.”

— Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury

Former Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the UN

“I really enjoy working with The Shift Network. They have a great system, exceptional people running it, and an important purpose. I have conducted many programs with them, and as an author and speaker they always provide an efficient and effective platform for me to share my work in a meaningful way.”

— Howard Martin

Co-author of The HeartMath Solution and Heart Intelligence, and Executive Vice President of HeartMath LLC

“The Shift Network is a highly ethical company run by deeply dedicated individuals, manifesting a noble vision that is urgently needed by the world. Their business model is inclusive and mandalic, meaning that it offers a win/win/win opportunity for everyone involved, from students to teachers to staff. Working with members of the team, I have found that the company is well managed, very efficient, and staffed by high-caliber, conscious individuals in every department.

I have great respect and gratitude for what Stephen Dinan and the team at The Shift Network are accomplishing; I am honored to be a member of their growing faculty, and to have been invited to participate in their rapidly expanding global mission.”

— David Crow

Founder of Floracopeia and expert in botanical medicine and grassroots healthcare