Body Intelligence Summit 2016

The Body Now Healing Mandala

With Alana Shaw
Hosted by Mark Metz

Take a journey around “The Body Now” Healing Mandala developed by Alana Shaw over the last 30 years. The body is our most fundamental mechanism of change, and moving, listening, playing and responding to that body is the quickest and most direct path to joy and to finding our “Yes” to our most authentic selves. How we observe anything is how things will come into being. The body-mind connection is constantly rewiring to align with our perceptions. How much “Yes” can we discover and speak and share and how deeply can we live into that “Yes” in our bodies?

In this session, you'll discover:
• A guided experience of consciously dropping into the wisdom of the body through the fluid system and the ease and joy that can bring into your life
• A deeper understanding of the ancient truths our bodies hold and how embracing those truths can lead us to our authentic selves
• An awareness of the importance of our relationship to our own beloved body, and all its parts and strengths and weaknesses and desires and longings, and how this facilitates the manifestation of your gifts in your greater community, leading to sustainable change

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Alana Shaw

Executive director, Artistic Director and Founder of Turning the Wheel Productions

Alana Shaw is the founder and executive director of Turning the Wheel, a national nonprofit that has touched the lives of over 80,000 people in more than 800 very diverse schools and organizations around the country. Turning the Wheel uses the power of art to build healthy communities, foster leaders, and share the joy of self-expression with participants of all ages, economic situations, genders, ethnic backgrounds and challenges. An inspiring and empowering speaker, teacher, and guide, Alana has facilitated joyful and healing movement events in cities in the US and Canada for over 30 years. Her dynamic and energetic presentation style is both humorous and transforming, and consistently positive and uplifting for her audiences. She holds an MFA in Dance from the University of Colorado with a thesis on healing and reintegration through creative expression, and is the author of “Dancing Our Way Home,” a 406-page book of exercises, stories and wisdom. Available on Amazon. Her new book, “The Body Now, Birthing the Yes Collective,” is scheduled to be published in the spring of 2016. She is also a certified Hendricks Body/Mind Vibrance Coach.