[Catalyst 17 - 2016] Transformational Healing and Leadership

By Stephen Dinan, founder and CEO of The Shift Network

When we started The Shift Network, I knew we needed to offer people a wide-range of transformational healing and leadership approaches so our members, including you, could find what works best for them. Our goal is to help you awaken to your full potential and to take meaningful action in your life.

The Hakomi Global Summit is one of our exciting transformational healing offerings, starting October 4–6, 2016. It features over 15 Hakomi leaders, including Mukara Meredith, Jon Eisman, Julie Murphy, Karen Baikie and Flint Sparks (To register free, click here)

Hakomi blends deep mindfulness practices with an experience-based somatic approach to fully embracing each person in a grounded and holistic way. AND there’s a heartfelt, long-term commitment, among Hakomi practitioners, to their OWN growth, both personal and professional.

We want to thank Manuela Mischke-Reeds and Rob Fisher for their leadership in co-hosting the Hakomi Global Summit.

In this edition of The Catalyst, we have a fantastic article on Hakomi, an energizing video from Mingtong Gu on Qigong and two inspiring articles on feminine approaches to leadership.

We have a profound article about Rumi and spiritual transformation with a special video message from Andrew Harvey. We also are sharing Emily Hine’s recent video Holy Sit! 4 No-nonsense Practices for Finding Inner Peace & Compassion in a Chaotic World. Emily is a masterful teacher at blending transformational healing and leadership and we are delighted she will be offering a course with us — At Peace With Yourself.

Our member profiles are from Stephanie Van Hook about her new children’s book Gandhi Searches for Truth: A Practical Biography for Children; and, a special message from Sister Jenna about the passing of her father.

I was recently with Sister Jenna in Washington, DC and was profoundly moved by the depth of her spiritual presence and leadership. All of us at The Shift Network extend our heartfelt love to Sister Jenna and her family with the passing of her father.

We would love to hear from you: Who inspires you as a transformational leader and why? To share with our Facebook Page community, click here.

If you missed the Shift Global Meditation yesterday, David Thomas Nicol hosted Chief Phil Lane Jr. to shine our light on the protest by Standing Rock Sioux against the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline. I encourage you to listen to this informative and powerful conversation and to take part in sending your prayers and support. (To listen to the free recording, click here.)

Our Shift Philanthropy invites you to financially support the Standing Rock Sioux through their Dakota Access Pipeline Donation Fund - click here. To learn how you can politically support the Standing Rock Sioux in their efforts against the Dakota Access Pipeline, click here.

Featured Video: Discover a Simple Qigong Practice Jumpstart Your Day [with Video of Mingtong]

What if you could start your day energized and revitalized by doing a simple movement for a few minutes... no caffeine necessary?!

There is such an exercise which can be done at any age... and you can easily integrate it into your morning routine by watching the video at the bottom of this blog. To learn more, click here.

Holy Sit! 4 No-nonsense Practices for Finding Inner Peace & Compassion in a Chaotic World — With Mindfulness, Peace and Compassion Teacher Emily Hine.

Do you want to experience more ease, balance and centeredness amidst all of the daily stimulation and life’s inevitable ups and downs? Emily offers practical tools you can apply today and also shares about her upcoming course, At Peace With Yourself. To watch the powerful, free video event, click here.

Global Shift Meditation — Join Free Event — 1st of Every Month

Join The Shift Network, The Gaiafield Project and people around the world for Global Shift Meditations the 1st of each month – click here to register free. We featured Chief Phil Lane Jr. on Standing with Standing Rock on October 1, 2016. (Free recording is available – click here.)

Your Voice:

We want to know: Who inspires you as a transformational leader and why? To share with our Facebook Page community, click here.

Hakomi & the Essential Self: Healing Through Mindfulness, Presence & Embodied Psychology
By Phil Bolsta

Take a deep breath and plunge beneath the surface of your thoughts… your feelings… and everything you think you know about yourself….

Then move beyond the self-protective layer of behaviors and patterns you’ve created and tap into your core memories, beliefs and images.

The Hakomi Method — a powerful discipline at the forefront of psychotherapy, spiritual practice and neuroscience — helps people connect the dots between this core material and their present self-image, perceptions and attitudes.

To read more, click here.

5 Characteristics of Compassionate Women Working Fiercely to Change the World
By Emily Hine

“The world will be saved by the Western woman.”
— The Dalai Lama

The first time I heard The Dalai Lama speak these words was at Seeds of Compassion, a large event I helped organize in Seattle....

The Dalai Lama was on stage next to the governor of Washington at the time, “Western woman” Christine Gregoire, and surrounded by 50,000 enthusiastic attendees (75% Western women) at Seahawks Stadium — coincidentally, a NFL field which my mother, another pacesetting politician and Western woman, helped build.

To read more, click here.

5 Keys to Feminine Leadership From 5 Visionaries Blazing the Trail
By Gina Vucci and Lee Doyle

Do you dream of fulfilling YOUR destiny?

Maybe you sense this involves a project, business or nonprofit that’s been imprinted on your soul… but you’re unsure how to unlock this inner wisdom

Perhaps, you imagine yourself launching a thriving nonprofit to help women around the globe, but the “what if’s” and “how could I’s...” are holding you back?

Or possibly you have your own purpose-driven business — yet you feel something is seriously missing (like you took a wrong turn or missed an exit?!).

To read more, click here.

Dance with Rumi for Guidance, Love & Passion on Your Spiritual Path
By Phil Bolsta (with a video from Andrew Harvey)

How can a 13th-century Sufi mystic help you navigate your modern-day spiritual path?

The answer is both simple and profound...

The mystical poetry of Rumi — who was born Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī in present-day Afghanistan — has an incredible capacity to ignite the fire of divine love in our hearts and illuminate the way of passion for spiritual seekers.

To read more, click here.

Gandhi Searches for Truth: A Practical Biography for Children
By Stephanie N. Van Hook

I have enormous faith in children: such keen observers and indefatigable idealists. Our job as adults is not to fill their heads with “facts” or their schedules with entertainment. We need only to remove the obstacles that might get in the way of the fulfillment of their full development as healthy, creative beings. Hands down, the greatest roadblock to the full development of the child is violence, because all forms of violence, from the inside out, crush the spirit and harden the heart of the child. And my guess is that violence only continues to exist because we are not fully awakened to the power that lies within us called, for lack of a more succinct term, nonviolence.

To read more, click here.

A Facetime Eulogy
By Sister Jenna

Throughout my tenure as a spiritual leader, I have played a part in the significant life changing moments for many. I’ve been asked to preside over weddings (which I don’t); meet individuals in hospital beds and homes, during their last hours of life; offer words at memorials and funerals. All intended to elevate people’s visions of themselves and the world. These are responsibilities that come with wearing a white sari — showing up at a time of need.

And the fine print of my contract with humanity is that there are no preferences, even for my own family.

To ready more, click here.

Please join Global Oneness Day 2016, our Earth Day for awakening humanity! The program is on Monday, October 24, 2016. Featuring over 50 inspirational speakers with Deepak Chopra as the honorary chairman. You can register free – click here.

New Book by Stephen Dinan: Sacred America, Sacred World is Infused with visionary power, it’s a manifesto for our country’s evolution that is both political and deeply spiritual. It offers profound hope that America can grow beyond our current challenges and manifest our noblest destiny, which the book shows is rooted in sacred principles that transcend left or right political views. To order your copy, click here.

Join Stephen Dinan for live book events and radio/TV interviews. Stephen will be on the East Coast of the U.S. again next month for his book Sacred America, Sacred WorldClick here for his schedule as it finalizes.

Gandhi Searches for Truth: A Practical Biography for Children chronicles the path that led Gandhi from childhood to Mahatma-hood in 12 beautifully illustrated stories. Each chapter sheds light on a lesson about the power of nonviolence. For children and adults alike. Author Stephanie N. Van Hook is the Executive Director of the Metta Center for Nonviolence and is trained in Montessori Early Childhood Education. To learn more, click here.

Available in Paperback: Subtle Activism: The Inner Dimension of Social and Planetary Transformation. David Thomas Nicol introduces the concept of “subtle activism” to describe the use of consciousness-based practices like meditation and prayer to support collective transformation, such as global meditation directed toward peaceful resolution of a conflict. Subtle activism represents a bridge between the consciousness movement and the movements for peace, environmental sustainability, and social justice. It is not a substitute for physical action but rather a potentially crucial component of a more integrated approach to social change. To learn more and order a copy, click here.

College and University Peacebuilding Approaches to Violent Extremism and Youth Recruitment — October 6–8, 2016 — Cleveland, Ohio — The conference will include a focus on prevention, intervention and response with an overarching focus on prevention methods such as community engagement, youth and community empowerment, and education. The conference will review and highlight strategies that help build relationships in the community. Hosted at Cleveland State University, in collaboration with the Alliance for Peacebuilding, Baldwin Wallace, Case Western Reserve University, Cuyahoga Community College, George Mason University, The Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict, Kent State University, The Ohio School Resource Officer Association, The Ohio State University, Stark State College, The United Network of Young Peacebuilders, The University of Michigan, and Wayne State University. To learn more, click here.

Music, Mantras and Ma — A Retreat with Swami Gurusharanananda and Acharya Mangalananda — Novato, CA — October 14–16, 2016 — This workshop will explore the teachings and practices of Sri Anandamayi Ma on Yoga and Meditation. There will be exploration of the Principle of the Divine Feminine and invocation of the Divine Mother; practical instruction for deepening or developing a personal meditation practice, and much joyful music and chanting. Beneficial for anyone seeking the deeper teachings and experience of true Yoga, whether beginner or adept. All funds go directly to a school for poor village children in India. To learn more, click here.

Praxis Peace Institute is hosting its second study tour in Cuba, November 12–19, 2016. Our first trip last year sold out, so we encourage you to register soon in order to secure a space. The Praxis study tour includes:

  • Lectures by Cuban economists, sociologists, diplomats, artists, and an American journalist who has lived in Cuba for more than 25 years.
  • Visits to cooperatives, museums, organic farms, Ernest Hemingway's house, walking tours in Old Havana and time to see some of the city on your own.
  • Visit Las Terrazas National Forest and a totally self-sufficient community of 3,000 people. Have lunch in their vegetarian restaurant.

To learn more, click here.

Recovery 2.0 Retreat — Costa Rica — with Tommy Miller and Kia Miller — November 19–26 (Thanksgiving) 2016 — Join Tommy Rosen & Kia Miller for a rejuvenating week of recovery, yoga and relaxation in one of Costa Rica’s finest retreat centers. The Blue Spirit Retreat overlooks the Pacific Ocean and a three mile long white sand beach, which is a turtle preserve. This extraordinary setting will provide us with a deeply nurturing and unforgettable experience together. To learn more, click here.

The California Women’s Conference — Long Beach, California — December 7–8, 2016. This 2-day event will feature some of the world’s top speakers, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. It’s an event that is designed to inspire and connect you with other empowering women who are making great change in the world. It takes place once every two years! Reserve your seat now and connect your journey with women who are making moves around the globe. To learn more, click here.

Inaugural Peace Leadership Conference – India — February 17–19, Aurovalley Ashram Rishidwar, India — created by the Deeper Leadership Institute (DLI) in partnership with the International Leadership Association (ILA) to bring together global peace practitioners, academicians, educators, and other interested parties in the broad area of peace leadership. Experience fellowship, collaboration and connection! Confirmed speakers include Richard Barrett, Susan Taylor, Ram Nidumolu, Philip M. Hellmich, and Sandra de Castro Buffington. Note: This experience is limited to 125 participants so please register early to ensure a successful registration: click here.

Awake: The Life of Yogananda — Now available on Netflix, Amazon and other livestream programs. Plus, DVDs available with subtitles in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch and Japanese. Plus there are new film showings in Australia and United States! You also can bring Awake to your yoga studio or community. To learn more click here. (The filmmakers were interviewed in the Yoga Day Summit, the recording is available for free.)

The Global Peace Index 2016 was released. The Global Peace Index, which ranks 163 countries on their peacefulness, has helped shift the world’s conversation about peace to a positive, achievable and tangible measure of human well-being and progress. Highlights from the report:

  • Global inequality in peace has widened in 2016 as least peaceful countries spiral into increased violence
  • The world became less peaceful in 2016, reinforcing an underlying decade-long deterioration in world peacefulness driven primarily by increased terrorism and higher levels of political instability.
  • The economic impact of violence on the global economy totalled $13.6 trillion or 13.3% of gross world product, equivalent to 11 times the size of global foreign direct investment.
  • The economic impact of violence was $137 trillion over the last decade — greater than global GDP in 2015.
  • Refugees and displaced persons have risen dramatically over the last decade, doubling to approximately 60 million people between 2007 and 2016, nearly 1% of the world’s population.
  • Iceland is the world’s most peaceful country, followed by Denmark and Austria.
  • Syria is least peaceful, followed by South Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.

To read the report in its entirety, click here.

World Peace Library — Free Resource — Be sure to take advantage of the World Peace Library, a wide-ranging resource on peace newly compiled by the Shift Network: It contains more than 300 inspiring talks and mini-workshops from individuals such as Archbishop Tutu, Nobel Laureate Jody Williams, Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra, James O'Dea, Karen Armstrong, Chief Phil Lane and many more. With neuroscientists and lamas, faith-based activists and political leaders, this Library offers something for all in their peacebuilding efforts. The Shift Network has made the World Peace Library a free resource for all and encourages its use to promote peace in your families, schools, and wider community.

If you have an announcement to share, please write: editor@theshiftnetwork.com.

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Dancing in Rumi’s Footsteps: How His Poetry & Wisdom Can Liberate Your Soul’s Passion & Heart’s Ecstasy — A Free Virtual Event With Mystic Scholar Andrew Harvey. Open the Sacred Portal to Devotion, Love and Grace Through the Words and Life Stories of the World’s Most Beloved Mystical Poet. October 8, 2016 at 10:00am Pacific

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At Peace With Yourself: Turning Chaos Into Calm Through Mindfulness, Spirituality & Energy Awareness — With Mindfulness, Peace and Compassion Teacher Emily Hine. Do you want to experience more ease, balance and centeredness amidst all of the daily stimulation and life’s inevitable ups and downs? New Live Training Starts Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Inspiring Women’s Soul Sanctuary: Embody the Deep Feminine, Bathe in Beauty & Renew Your Spirit — With Devaa Haley Mitchell, Anodea Judith, Lisa Schrader, Luisah Teish, Miranda Macpherson, Mirabai Starr, Zuleikha and Chandanni Miglino. Live Retreat October 16–21, 2016 in Northern California

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The Shift Network invites you to financially support the Standing Rock Sioux through their Dakota Access Pipeline Donation Fund – click here. The fund is managed by the Standing Rock Tribal Government. To learn how you can politically support the Standing Rock Sioux in their efforts against the Dakota Access Pipeline, click here.

The Hakomi Institute of California is a professional educational organization dedicated to providing high quality trainings in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology. The Hakomi Institute of California, LLC was formed in September 2008 by Certified Hakomi Trainers Scott Eaton, Jon Eisman, Rob Fisher, Manuela Mischke-Reeds and Julie Murphy. They continue the tradition of offering high quality trainings established by their predecessor Dr. Richard Heckller, who led and directed the Hakomi Institute of San Francisco for over 20 years. To learn more, click here.

Mama Crow
By Tara Divina

Carmen Crow, otherwise known as Mama Crow, creates inspiring, truthful, soulful, funky music that fuses Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz and World flavors with a heart-opening, consciousness-raising message. Her latest release, The Horizon, is an energized collaboration with B-RiddimZ that will have you grooving and dancing while you connect with your higher wisdom. If you love healing music but also like songs with an edge, this unique hybrid is for you. To listen, click here.

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