[Catalyst #23] Global Indigenous Wisdom

By Stephen Dinan, founder and CEO of The Shift Network

The Shift Network is deeply committed to our Indigenous brothers and sisters around the world. The world is in a critical transition and Indigenous Peoples carry vital medicine for helping humanity learn how to live more harmoniously with one another and Mother Earth.

With this in mind, we are delighted to announce the 2014 Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit will be taking place November 18–20, 2014. (Register free – click here. As a gift from all our hearts, the recordings will be available free indefinitely!)

I want to thank our dear friend and brother Hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Jr. for being the architect and host of this truly amazing global event. “Brother Phil” has been working with Indigenous Peoples around the world for over four decades. He is deeply respected for helping Indigenous Peoples overcome challenges in their communities and bringing indigenous wisdom forward to help the entire human family address global crises.

Brother Phil carefully invited the speakers based on their profound understandings of indigenous prophecies and experience in applying indigenous principles in mobilizing people to “unprecedented unified action.”

One of the topics that will be discussed is how the Vatican created the legal framework for colonization and the genocide of Indigenous Peoples. We are supporting Brother Phil and his colleagues in their efforts to ask Pope Francis to repeal the Papal Bulls of the 1400s that led to the Doctrine of Discovery. We believe Pope Francis has the purity of heart to make such a historic act of healing and reconciliation that would profoundly impact all of humanity (see article by the United Religions Initiative).

I personally am deeply moved and inspired by Brother Phil and the speakers in this summit. They are helping me and The Shift Network community understand how we can stand together with our Indigenous brothers and sisters to heal the wounds from the “500 year spiritual wintertime” when Indigenous Peoples (and all peoples, as Brother Phil says) suffered greatly; and, how we all can work as one human family.

In this edition of The Catalyst, we have articles by and/or about Hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Jr., Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Grandma Agnes Pilgrim and the United Religions Initiative. We also have an article about the city of Seattle changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Also, we honor Buffy Sainte-Marie, a Native American international activist and pop star (see Featured Artist).

Be sure to watch the videos. Brother Phil’s message — We Are All One Human Family — is truly beautiful and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is a powerful voice for Mother Earth — at the age of 13! Xiuhtezcatl has successfully garnered support from 80 Congresspersons to bring lawsuits against the US and state governments for not protecting the atmosphere.

Finally, I am thrilled to say that we have raised over $32,000 in The Shift Ebola Campaign. We have extended the campaign through November 27 so we can reach our goal of $100,000 for Doctors Without Borders (see Shift Philanthropy). In an upcoming issue we will say more about Shift Philanthropy.

We Are All One Human Family!

A Message from Brother, Uncle and Grandfather Phil Lane, Jr., Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations, "We are One Family, the Human Family, One Race the Human Race, and each of us is a Sovereignty, Ancient Imperishable and Everlasting."

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

I am a 13 year old Indigenous Environmental Activist and Peace Maker. I am committed to protecting the Earth, the Water, the Air, the Atmosphere so that mine and future generations inherit a healthy, just, sustainable planet! (Xiuhtezcatl is featured in the Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit.)

Indigenous Call for Urgent, Unprecedented and Unified Action for Protecting and Restoring the Sacred
By Hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Jr.

Shift Network Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit, November 18–20, 2014

The spiritual foundation of this Call for Urgent, Unprecedented, and Unified Action is based in the understanding of the fundamental oneness and unity of all life. Clearly, as well, all members of the Human Family are all part of the Sacred Circle of Life. Since we are all part of the Sacred Circle of Life we are all Indigenous Peoples of our Mother Earth. This makes every Human Being responsible for the well-being of one another and for all living things upon our Mother Earth . . . [read more]

National Native American Sacred Sites Day and World Peace and Prayer Day
By Chief Arvol Looking Horse

At this time I would like to remind the People of significant days of prayer in Honor of Sacred Sites; June 20th – National Native American Sacred Sites Day and June 21st – International Day to Honor Sacred Sites world wide, also known as World Peace and Prayer Day . . . [read more]

Grandma Agnes Pilgrim: A Voice for the Voiceless
By Chip Richards

Honoured as a "Living Treasure" by her tribe, the Confederated Tribes of Siletz, and as a "Living Cultural Legend" by the Oregon Council of the Arts, Grandma Agnes Pilgrim (or "Grandma Aggie" as she is affectionately known) is an Ambassador for Mother Earth who has touched the lives of people from many lands, helping us remember sacred ways of living that we came here to share as people of the Earth . . . [read more]

Seattle Sends Columbus Sailing as City Council Unanimously Passes 'Indigenous Peoples' Day'
By Kelton Sears (First published in the Seattle Weekly News)

After a month long delay, a heated committee hearing full of Italian Americans, and a leapfrog vote from the Seattle School Board, Seattle City Council unanimously voted to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day this afternoon. The packed council chambers erupted with cheers, the clattering of hand drums, and traditional Native song as soon as the vote came down.

To read more, click here.

Spiritual Leaders and Wisdom Keepers Convene For Global Indigenous Gathering, Call For Unprecedented Unified Action
From the United Religions Initiative

[PRESS RELEASE] San Francisco, CA – July 10, 2014 – International interfaith network United Religions Initiative (URI), through its Global Indigenous Initiative (GII), recently hosted Hidden Seeds of Natural Healing & Curing, a gathering of 33 Indigenous representatives from six continents, including two youth leaders ages 13 and 14. The participants met for three days, July 1–3, near Napa Valley in Northern California. The URI GII was convened for the purpose of engaging in critical dialogue about practical issues and concerns facing Indigenous communities worldwide and all members of the Human Family, including the intergenerational on-going impact of colonialism. It was also established to develop a strategic plan for the future of the Global Indigenous Initiative (GII) that grows out of traditional ways of knowing and being.

To read more, click here.

Hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Jr.
Prepared by Dr. Michael Bopp

Swiss Foundation for Freedom and Human Rights Year 2000 International Award for Freedom and Human Rights Laudatory of Recipient Chief Phil Lane, Jr. November 11, 2000 – Berne, Switzerland

There is a well known Dakota teaching story called "The Great Wolf and Little Mouse Sister" in which a tiny, insignificant mouse feels compassion for a great wolf that has lost his eyes because of his greed, arrogance and foolishness. As the story opens, the wolf is howling, crying, and flailing the ground in despair. Now he is blind. How can he hunt? How will he survive? The little mouse should have had the good sense to stay away, for after all, she was nothing more than a small bite of food to a wolf. Anyway, what could she possibly do to help? And yet something called her, and she bravely approached the wolf with curiosity and compassion in her heart.

To read more, click here.

Chief Phil Lane, Jr. recommends these resources on Indigenous Wisdom:
  • White Buffalo Prophecy – Video — This Prophecy of the White Buffalo has been kept within the Magaska Ptesan Wicoti, Hinhan Wicasa Oyate for more than 160 years. To watch the video, click here.
  • Sixteen Indigenous Principles for Building a Harmonious World – click here.
  • Compassion Games to Protect and Restore the Sacredness of Mother Earth – click here.
Film screenings of Awake: The Life of Yogananda are being extended in Theaters across the United States. To find a showing near you or to arrange for a screening, click here. (The filmmakers were interviewed in the Summer of Peace, the recording is available for free.)

Uplift 2014 has been called the 'Visionary TED' and 'a new paradigm in conscious events'. From December 11–14, 2014 you will be able to experience 4 days of inspiring visionary content with speakers like Patch Adams, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Bruce Lipton, Charles Eisenstein and many more. The event will be streamed in HD with multiple cameras and is available to view online for 60 days afterwards, so you won't miss a thing! To learn more, click here.

Living History of the Dalai Lama — Since entering the world stage, the Dalai Lama has become one of the most recognizable leaders and advocates for world peace. Among his many honors and awards, 25 years ago, he won the Nobel Peace Prize. With your generous help and support, the Dalai Lama Foundation is thrilled to begin development of the Living History of the Dalai Lama — a comprehensive online interactive experience highlighting the Dalai Lama's lifelong journey to advance the cause of world peace. To learn more and to support this project, click here.

Support Generation Waking Up — The ReGeneration curriculum will provide high school students with a big picture understanding of today’s global challenges and opportunities. They will learn to see the interrelatedness through a multidisciplinary framework that connects science, social studies, and humanities with taking action in the world. To learn more, click here.

Aliza Hava is an international singer/songwriter & peacebuilder who produced the Birth 2012 event in Jerusalem, Harmony in the Holy Land in partnership with the Shift Network. We are excited to share her latest endeavor — an album collaboration with several multi-platinum, Grammy award winning producers.  A portion of the proceeds from sales of the album will benefit The Charter for Compassion.  To hear Aliza's music and pre-order your copy on Indiegogo, please visit www.mysterysongs.com

FREE Seminar – Learn about the Connection Practice with founder Rita Marie Johnson in this 1-hour recording. Rita Marie shares information about BePeace tours in Costa Rica and the many ways BePeace and the Connection Practice are being implemented throughout the United States.  Click here to listen.

The Alliance for Peacebuilding is excited to share its members reports/resources:

Upcoming Global Peace Events/Initiatives

Friends Committee on National Legislation – Annual MeetingNovember 20–22, 2014 Washington, DC.  FCNL's Annual Meeting begins with policy briefings, lobby trainings and advocacy to support diplomatic negotiations with Iran — at the very moment when that advocacy can make a big difference with Congress. At the Annual Meeting, FCNL will decide on its community's lobbying priorities for the next two years. The meeting is also a time to share FCNL’s expanding work with young adults and our new efforts to support advocacy around the country. To learn more, click here.

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