[Catalyst #16] Summer of Peace - Bold Visions

By Stephen Dinan, founder and CEO of The Shift Network

It's been a very intense season for global challenges — war in Israel and Gaza, an out of control ISIS, the Ukraine, Ferguson, Ebola, rioting, drought, etc... I've really been feeling the heaviness of what faces us as we reach the carrying capacity for our world and deal with a legacy of suffering, economic disparity, warfare, and strife.

Successfully meeting these global challenges require bold visions, wisdom-guided practical action and great patience and determination to bring forth the best of our humanity. It means healing our past and sculpting a new future.

We must keep from falling into despair and focus on the positive efforts that are emerging in so many sectors of society. Together, these diverse efforts are slowly laying the foundation for a culture of peace. This is why the Summer of Peace is pro-actively highlighting and supporting the work of so many visionary individuals and organizations.

In this Catalyst, our lead Peace faculty James O'Dea sheds light on the long-term process of transforming the Israel-Palestine conflict by channeling our moral outrage into constructive engagement.

Our close friend and partner, Georgia Kelly from the Praxis Peace Institute, wrote a powerful article about the economics of peace and sustainability. She writes, "While it is important to understand the systemic difficulties we are up against in mitigating the climate crisis today, a vision of the possible is critical and is one of the main reasons for convening The Economics of Sustainability Conference on October 6–9 in San Francisco." We are proud to be a co-sponsor supporting this ground-breaking event!

Deborah Rozman, CEO of Heartmath, offers a compelling article about the emerging science of heart coherence and how it can transform individuals and the world. We are delighted to be co-sponsoring their upcoming event, Expanding the Heart of Humanity: The Science and Practice of Heart-Connected Living Event on December 3–7 in the Riviera Maya on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Katia Petersen shares a heartfelt and inspiring article about the Institute of Noetic Sciences' brilliant WorldView Exploration education program. And, finally, to celebrate Bioneers' 25th anniversary, we are republishing a recent letter by their founders, Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simons. We are also delighted to be supporting the Bioneers' upcoming conference, October 17–19 in San Rafael, CA – click here. (Shift Network members receive a 10% discount – use code "SNB14.")

Visionaries such as Barbara Marx Hubbard and Avon Mattison have predicted global transformation will come about from synergistic efforts across multiple sectors of society. Despite a stream of negative global stories, this process of increased synergy IS underway in many inspiring ways!

Also in this edition we are delighted to share member profiles submitted by Elisabeth H. Scharbaum (born in Germany) and Paula Zayco Aberasturi (Philippines).

As an extra gift to you this issue, we share recent Summer of Peace interviews with Ambassador Moseley Braun and Ocean Robbins talking about the food and agricultural revolutions. We also are sharing interviews with James Twyman and Davod Azad (a Sufi musician from Iran) talking about the power of music to transform individuals and societies. (See Summer of Peace audios below.)

Finally, I invite you to join the many global prayers for peace. The Summer of Peace Spirituality and Peace series features free guided meditations by spiritual teachers from different traditions every Sunday at 9am Pacific (today, August 17 is Kabir Helminski, a beautiful Sufi teacher – click here to register). Also today, there is a free online Global Peace Summit for the Middle East — Sunday, August 17, at 10:30am Pacific – click here. This 3-hour event will be hosted by Swan aka Sahra Renata and will feature Arun Gandhi, Ohad Ezrahi, Lama Lobsang Topgyal, Lobsang Penbar, Lama Surya Das, Martha Reich Braden, Gregg Braden and many more!

Worldview Explorations

Developed by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Worldview Explorations is a research-based experiential program for middle school, high-school, and college students. The 22 lessons in the Worldview Explorations program were developed in alignment with Common Core, 21st Century Skills, and Social Emotional Learning. To learn more about Worldview Explorations, click here.

Featured Summer of Peace Recordings – FREE

The Summer of Peace is our commitment to peace in the world. The free summit provides tangible skills you can apply in your daily life. Here are four recent sessions.

Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun: Do You Want Pesticides With That Drink?

Ocean Robbins: Food, Peace and Justice

Davod Azad: Peace Through Music

James Twyman: Peace Through Music

Register to listen to over 70+ FREE interviews – click here!

Transforming Conflict: Moral Outrage Should Lead us to the Moral High Ground
By James O'Dea

Our bodies naturally fire up intense indignation when we see innocent civilians slaughtered in war. I cannot erase the image of Palestinian children blown up as they played on the beach or scores of families whose homes had been decimated then killed by rocket fire into schools they were sheltering in. I feel a similar mix of horror and outrage at the downing of a civilian plane over Ukraine and the stunningly callous way the crash site was blocked to international response teams . . . [read more]

The Economics of Peace and Sustainability
By Georgia Kelly

Fourteen years ago, when Praxis Peace Institute was born in Dubrovnik, Croatia, from a conference held there, we posed the following inquiry: How could we achieve cultures of peace from where we were? Why did mankind seem incapable of learning the lessons of history but adept at waging the same wars over and over again? Why, with all the peace organizations, the United Nations, and spiritual groups working for peace, did the outer world not change? . . . [read more]

Global Coherence Initiative — Expanding Heart Connections Globally
By Deborah Rozman

The Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) is a partner of Summer of Peace. GCI is conducting groundbreaking research on the interconnectedness between humanity and the earth's magnetic fields and energetic systems . . . [read more]

Transforming Through the Power of Perspective
By Katia Petersen

It often takes a transformative experience to reveal the water we swim in, and for me, it happened when the idyllic island of Cyprus where I grew up was descended upon by war. I was just a teenager, and I couldn't understand how it was possible to lose so much practically overnight. The question that really burned in my mind was, "Why?" . . . [read more]

Celebrate Bioneers' 25th Birthday With Us!
By Kenny Ausubel & Nina Simons, Founders

Yes, 2014 marks our 25th Bioneers birthday! We honor and thank you for being part of this amazing journey.

As you might expect, we're conjuring up some special magic to celebrate this milestone throughout the year and at the 25th Summit Conference, October 17–19, 2014.

To read more, click here.

For submissions and recommendations, email editor@theshiftnetwork.com.

My Commitment to Peace and How it is Taking Shape
By Elisabeth H. Scharbaum

Does the Peace Movement need to be rebranded? That's what a friend and I asked ourselves as we explored our respective commitment to peace in all walks of life. Perhaps, in order to gain traction for the movement these days and to avoid sounding old-school (as in the aging hippies who didn't get the job done the first time around) we need to focus on new aspects of peace. Is more compassion enough? Or tolerance? Do we need a call to "stop accepting that hurt people hurt people"? Make people understand that "every perpetrator is also a victim?" . . . [read more]

My Commitment to Peace — Hearth and Home
By Paula Zayco Aberasturi

There are bush fires right where I live, as the sun keeps igniting parched grass. They say Mars, planet of strife has conjoined with the sun, under the sign of Aries, sign of fire. Yesterday, the earth trembled in Iran. And I cannot count the number of hotheads I just ran into. A friend was the object of infuriated messages for things unintended. Another person incensed because people had neglected respect and propriety. And then of course, there was the Marathon Madness. The last few days have constantly played to the theme: fire. Will someone please douse the world with cool? Beat out the flames. Spread some Peace . . . [read more]

Upcoming Conferences, Co-Sponsored by The Shift Network:

  • The Economics of Sustainability – Emerging Models for a Healthy Planet – October 6–9, 2014 – Fort Mason, SF, CA – The Economics of Sustainability conference is looking 50 years into the future. Our challenge is to bring forth a transformation of cultural and economic relationships so that environmental sustainability, social justice, and economic democracy become our way of life. Speakers include: David Korten, Michael Brune (Sierra Club Director), Osprey Orielle Lake, Randy Hayes, Lynne & Bill Twist, Ellen Brown, Randy Hayes and Georgia Kelly. To learn more, click here.
  • 10XSummit – Igniting Change – Los Angeles – October 10–12, 2014, produced by PeaceLink Live. The 10X Summit is calling together like-minded leaders, organizations and celebrities from 10 social activist movements. For three days groups will unite causes and implement innovative solutions to global challenges and develop the sustainable systems, legislation and initiative that will actualize change. (Shift Network members receive a 40% discount when registering by August 18. To register click here and use this coupon code: Shift Network).
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Upcoming Global Peace Events

August 17 – Join this free online Global PeacePrayer Summit with spiritual and thought leaders and world musicians, to raise the barometer on world unity and sacred living. Every person's prayers and participation are urgently needed to help create this shift. This Peace initiative is hosted by Rev. Dr. Swan Montague with guests Lama Lobsang Topgyal, Lobsang Penbar, Arun Gandhi, Tony Samara, Martha Reich Braden (musician) live from an event with Gregg Braden singing "God's Eyes", Shawn Gallaway ( I choose Love), Lama Surya Das, Joanne Shenandoah with many more luminaries and performances to be finally confirmed. August 17 2014 2:00 pm EST To join, click here.

Lake Shrine of Self-Realization Fellowship is creating a spiritual opportunity for members and friends to join together in generating prayerful energy for peace in the world. Participate now through September 7, 2014. To learn more, click here.

Summer of Peace – Featured Speakers Resources:

  • James Twyman – Access free CD of 12 Prayers – click here.
  • Ambassador Braun – Ambassador Organics – click here.
  • Ocean Robbins – The Food Revolution Network – click here.
  • Dr. Will Tuttle – The World Peace Diet – Eating For Spiritual Health And Social Harmony – click here.
  • Bharat Mitra – Organic India – a vehicle of consciousness – click here.

International Day of Peace Activities:

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Breath Immersion – From Science to Samadhi – August 24–29 – Breath Immersion to explore leading-edge research and learn how to integrate and advance the power of breath into our modern world. Those new and experienced in breath practice are invited to participate in building a healthier world together. To learn more, click here.

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Praxis Peace InstituteThe Economics of Sustainability – Emerging Models for a Healthy Planet – October 6–9, 2014 – Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA.

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