[Catalyst #21] Remembering Our Indigenous Allies

By Stephen Dinan, founder and CEO of The Shift Network

Thanksgiving is a time for deep gratitude and celebration of abundance. But it is also a vital time to remember and recommit to our indigenous allies, who face a painful history related to this holiday.

That's why we're dedicating this issue to the healing, honoring, and blessing of indigenous peoples, with articles from Chief Phil Lane, a prayer from Grandmother Flordemayo accompanying an article from Glenn Aparicio Perry, and reflections from Lawrence Ellis and Jean Reddeman.

We also feature a profile on one of the most beautiful elders I have met, Marshall 'Golden Eagle' Jack, who has been called by Spirit to activate healing Water Wheels at the headwaters of rivers worldwide. He has a truly remarkable story.

We're also giving you full, free access to the Condor and Eagle mini-Summit created by Chief Phil Lane as a part of the Summer of Peace this year, including calls with Grandmother Mona Polacca, Faith Spotted Eagle, Sun Dance Chief Rueben George, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, youth leaders Ta'Kaiya Blaney, Paloma Flores and other Indigenous leaders.

On Thanksgiving Day, I was blessed to participate in an indigenous sunrise ceremony on Alcatraz Island, an "UnThanksgiving" ritual of remembrance for native peoples that happens every year. This year, 4100 people got on boats before dawn to participate, with speeches, prayers, and dances all honoring the importance of indigenous peoples and fulfilling the prophecies of this as time of coming together as one family.

I encourage you to take actions that build bridges of healing, understanding, respect, and partnership with indigenous peoples. You can start with a pledge through the Declaration of Commitment that we launched last year and presented to the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. (Sign it here)

Indigenous wisdom has been some of the most profound I've received, illuminating a humble, reverential, grounded path of service that can open the door to the prophesied future in which eagle and condor fly as one and we usher in a new era of peace.

May we each do our part to restore the sacred hoop that connects us. Aho!

Special Audios

Hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Jr. organized and moderated this one-day summit. Click here to listen to the free recordings.


Declaration of Commitment to Indigenous Peoples was created in the spirit of deep recognition and appreciation for the values of Indigenous wisdom. It was presented to Indigenous elders at the SEED Conference in September 2012 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Click here to sign the declaration of commitment. (Video produced by Joyce Anastasia).

UPLIFT 2013: Universal Peace and Love In a Festival of Transformation - Dec. 12-15, 2013 in beautiful Byron Bay, NSW. Use this coupon code: SHIFT33 to receive a 52% discount to participate via live-streaming + 60 days on-demand viewing. To register - click here.

The Reunion of the Condor and Eagle is Dynamically Unfolding
By Hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Jr.

Prior to the arrival of the first European explorers, an Indigenous kinship network, based in spiritual and cultural relationships, existed for centuries across the Americas. Through this "Sacred Hoop of Many Hoops", Indigenous Peoples shared their collective spiritual wisdom, cultural protocols, ceremonies, scientific knowledge and vast physical resources. This network was known by many Indigenous Peoples across the Americas as the Union of the Condor and Eagle . . . [read more]

A Radical Thanksgiving
Prayer by Grandmother Flordemayo and Essay by Glenn Aparicio Parry

The idea of thanksgiving is very old, older than the Native American and Pilgrim tradition, older than the concept of nation-states, older than feudalism, older than anything we can think of, as old as the very first thought. How can I say this? The clue is in the word "thinking," which at its root came from "thanking." The proto-Indo-European word tong, from which we derive the word "thanking," means to "think." And, curiously, it also means "to feel" —because thinking was once inseparable from feeling. Can you imagine a time when to think was to thank—and to thank was to feel grateful for all of creation? . . . [read more]

Journey to the Sacred
By Jean Reddemann

It has been almost one year since Winter Solstice 2012 which marked the beginning of a new era and a time to create a new way of being. 2012 was the end of a 26,000 years cycle of humanity, which was for its most part, dominated by fear and control. This past year has been a time for us to look at what works and what did not work in our past. As much as we are now going forward with the New Beginning, we are also going back in time to collect all the lessons and the teaching we've learned from our Ancestors . . . [read more]

Thanksgiving, UnThanksgiving, Thanksgrieving: Native American Perspectives
By Lawrence Ellis

I invite you to step with me into the Present Moment, that magical meeting place between the effects from the Past, the enormity of all that is Now, and the ripe possibilities of Futures that might unfold. I invite you to work with me and others to celebrate and heal the Past, to live more deeply in the Present, and consciously to co-create a future for the Earth and all beings. Join me on a journey -- a mythical-and-actual co-mingling of times Past, Present, and Future; of deeply honoring all of our interrelations and interrelatedness. The portal for this journey? Thanksgiving . . . [read more]

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Marshall 'Golden Eagle' Jack - Deepening Our Relationship with Water
By Linda Long

"They really promoted the waters as being our most powerful medicine on this planet and to honor our waters as such. In the teachings we were told to never place anything in the water that would destroy the energy and the teaching was that if we did our practices, ceremonial and otherwise, to enhance the frequency in the waters at source, that the frequency in the water would carry down off of the mountains, through the creek beds, through the river beds and to our lakes and then on to its mother, the ocean, and then get recycled again. So we needed to make the water as strong as possible so it could reach the ocean along its journey and so the energy in the water would produce energy for everything that drinks of the water including all the plants, the animals, the fish obviously, and us as humans" . . . [read more and watch video]

Protect the Sacred - In response to the rising tide of tribal opposition to the KXL Pipeline, slated to destructively cut through numerous sacred sites and to compromise the safety of land and water for all citizens; several tribes and allies of the Ponca, recently participated in a Spiritual Camp on the Ponca Trail of Tears. This was the first of FOUR TRIBAL SPIRITUAL CAMPS slated to take place this fall and winter of 2013. The other three will take place in South Dakota which is 1851 and 1868 Treaty Territory. The four camps are scheduled to send a strong message to President Obama, Congress and Transcanada, that this Pipeline will not be allowed. To learn more - click here.

Totem Pole Journey - Jewell Praying Wolf James is a tribal leader and master carver of the Lummi Nation. The Lummi tribal reservation is next to the proposed site of the largest coal export terminal on the West coast. James carved a 22-foot totem pole that represents tribal opposition to coal and oil exports in the Northwest. The pole journeyed 16-days from Wyoming coal fields to Cherry Point, British Columbia near the coal terminal site where a ceremony was held. James will be creating additional totem poles to continue the protesting. To learn more - click here.

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Gandhi and the Gita: Uncovering the Soul of Selfless Action - a retreat conducted by the Metta Center for Nonviolence. Dec. 6-8, 2013 Mt. Madonna Center, Santa Cruz, CA - click here.

U.S. House Continues to Vote to Eliminate Key Peacebuilding Funding. The Peace Alliance is providing ways for people to lobby the U.S. Congress, click on: Tell Congress to Support Peacebuilding Funding in Federal Budget

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Tony Duncan
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