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The Reunion of the Condor and Eagle is Dynamically Unfolding

By Hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Jr.
Prior to the arrival of the first European explorers, an Indigenous kinship network, based in spiritual and cultural relationships, existed for centuries across the Americas.  Through this “Sacred Hoop of Many Hoops”, Indigenous Peoples shared their collective spiritual wisdom, cultural protocols, ceremonies, scientific knowledge and vast physical resources.

This network was known by many Indigenous Peoples across the Americas as the Union of the Condor and Eagle. It was shattered, as prophesied, with the arrival of the English, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish colonizers! The subsequent decimation of Indigenous Nations and Peoples across the Americas was massive.  

Charles Mann, for instance, in his book 1491: New Revelations of the Americas before Columbus, quotes respected scholars who believe that 80-100 million Indigenous Peoples perished from disease by the mid-1600’s, a catastrophe on an even greater scale than the “black deaths” in Europe. Many more died afterwards as the direct result of hostile colonial policies.

The prophecy of the Reunion of the Condor and the Eagle is interrelated with many other Indigenous prophecies across the Americas. These include, the Eighth Council Fire, the Slaying and Return of the White Buffalo, the Emergence of the Fifth Sun, the Return of Quetzalcoatl and the Prophecies of the Hopi’s, Chilam-Balam, Sweet Medicine, and Black Elk.

All of these prophecies predict, after a long and bitter spiritual wintertime of 500 years, that the “Reunion of the Condor and the Eagle” will begin slowly and then rapidly accelerate following the end of the long-count of the Mayan Calendar, December 21, 2012 and the beginning of the 5th Sun.  It is prophesied  that this spiritually based movement, led by Indigenous Peoples, will ultimately result in a great era of compassion, peace, justice and prosperity that will unite all members of the Human Family.

So strong is the belief in this prophecy across the Americas that the Otomi Nation in the State of Mexico, for instance, has built a vast ceremonial amphitheatre dedicated to the “Reunion of the Condor and the Eagle.”  (see photo) The focal point of this amazing construction is a gigantic stone carving of a Condor and an Eagle joined in a loving embrace. It was built largely by the volunteer labour of thousands of materially poor Indigenous Peoples out of love and faith in this prophecy.

Through the unprecedented, unified actions of many different Indigenous networks and Allies, these interrelated Indigenous led movements are unifying across the Americas.  At the forefront of all these movements are Indigenous women! This is happening despite a growing opposition from adversarial political and economic forces led primarily by natural resource extraction industries.

This opposition is easy to understand.  Once the Reunion of the Condor and Eagle is fully realized, Indigenous Peoples and their Allies will become a major and decisive economic and spiritual force not only in the Americas, but around Mother Earth. Indigenous Peoples and their Allies will then be in a position to mandate the wise and harmonious ways our Mother Earth's gifts will be, respectfully, safely and sustainably developed, as well as, when development is not appropriate, no matter how much profit is to be made!

Here is a more extensive article by Chief Phil Lane, Jr. related to The Reunion of the Condor and Eagle:  The Fourth Way-An Indigenous Contribution to Building Sustainable and Harmonious Prosperity in the Americas and Beyond

Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. is a member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe and Chickasaw Nations. For more than 45 years Phil has been working with Indigenous Peoples from across the Americas, SE Asia, India, Hawaii and Africa. In 1970‐1971 Phil worked with Indigenous Peoples in Bolivia. It was here where he began his life‐long dedication, with other Indigenous Peoples, toward actualizing the Reunion of the Condor and the Eagle. Phil served 16 years as Associate Professor in Indigenous Education at the University of Lethbridge, where, in 1982, Phil Co-founded, with Elders from across North America, the Four Worlds International Institute (FWII). With the guidance of the Four Worlds Elders Council and Phil’s leadership and applied experience, FWII has become an internationally recognized leader in human, community and organizational development because of the Institute’s unique focus on the importance of culture and spirituality in all dimensions of development.  To learn more - click here.

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This article appears in:
2013 Catalyst - Issue 21

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