[Catalyst #13] Peace Poles - International Day of Peace

By Stephen Dinan, founder and CEO of The Shift Network

Today is Independence Day in the United States and my prayer today is that we, as a country, can empower the next wave of evolution into true Interdependence, which is the foundation for peace in the world.

We are midstream on the Summer of Peace now, our annual philanthropic program that focuses on creating a culture of peace. What I love most about the Summer of Peace is the inspiring stories of peace efforts around the world and the beautiful ways the entire Shift Network community can take actions in our own lives.

We regularly receive amazing emails from Shift Network members who are either repairing relationships in their lives, creating International Cities of Peace, organizing meditations, playing in the Compassion Games and lots of other activities!

I invite you to submit an article for The Catalyst about your commitment to peace and how that is taking shape. Please send your 400-800 word article to us by July 27 — editor@theshiftnetwork.com, along with a photo and brief bio.

The Summer of Peace is our commitment to you and the larger global community to accelerate the shift to a peaceful world. With this in mind, we are making ALL summit interviews available for free, including the downloads for later listening (register by clicking here). In this Catalyst, we highlight recent sessions focused on inner peace, peace in relationships and peace in parenting.

This edition of The Catalyst is dedicated to one of my favorite peace symbols: Peace Poles! There are now over 200,000 Peace Poles around the world. Peace Poles have "May Peace Prevail on Earth" written on them, often with several languages on one Peace Pole. Peace Poles are like global acupuncture needles — they ground our peace intentions in locations around the world. Each time I see one (as I recently did in Ashland, Oregon), I envision this global network of beacons for peace arrayed around the world.

This year, we are partnering with the World Peace Prayer Society (founders of the Peace Pole Project), BeThePeace and others to call for synchronized meditations/celebrations around Peace Poles on the International Day of Peace (September 21). Through our joint prayers and meditations we can activate a global grid of powerful peace intention.

In this Catalyst we feature a beautiful, heart-warming story from Fumi Johns Stewart on how Peace Poles were inspired in Japan following World War Two. Fumi herself is from American-Japanese heritage. We also have inspiring Peace Pole stories from Hideo Nakazawa in Japan, Caroline Uchima in Scotland, Jacek Kowzlowski in Poland, Jenny Funston in Australia and New Zealand, and, Marta Rojas Berndt in Chile.

I encourage you to join the Peace Pole/BeThePeace initiative by participating in or organizing a meditation near a Peace Pole – click here. You can purchase or make a Peace Pole in advance for your home, school, church or business – click here. Or, you can find Peace Poles near you already.

The Peace Pole Project Song
Children from different faiths and schools gather to sing and record an original song about world peace and Peace Poles. This song is dedicated to the non-profit, non-denominational U.N. based World Peace Prayer Society. To learn more, click here.

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Peace Poles – May Peace Prevail on Earth
By Fumi Johns Stewart

I often felt conflicted as a child. My father's country, the United States, had fought a war with my mother's country, Japan, which ended with the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. I just could not fathom the reason why such an atrocity could happen especially between the two nations of my ancestors that flowed in my bloodstream. My wish was to serve one day as an ambassador of peace to bridge and bring healing to the two cultures of my heritage . . . [read more]

Hideo Nakazawa Peace Pole – Japan
By Hideo Nakazawa

It was in the summer of 1968 when I first encountered the Japanese peace prayer and message, "May Peace Prevail on Earth" written in beautiful Japanese Calligraphy. I saw on a small vertical paper sticker which was placed on the wall of a natural food store in Shibuya, Tokyo . . . [read more]

Peace Pole Story – Scotland
By Caroline Uchima

I lived in Japan for almost 20 years, and I first saw a Peace Pole at my local shrine. (Every area in Japan has its local Shinto shrine, with an ancient tree presiding as the sacred guardian of the Shrine and neighbourhood) I was surprised because the message "May Peace Prevail on Earth" was in English as well as Japanese. I felt a little ripple of hope and pleasure that someone had made the effort to plant this symbol in such an unobtrusive and gentle way. After that I started to see Peace Poles everywhere — in Buddhist temples, on street corners, in public parks and even at the top of a mountain I climbed. I eventually discovered that groups of volunteers from the World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS) were responsible for planting these Peace Poles. I loved that the message was silently rippling out in harmony wherever it happened to be . . . [read more]

Peace Pole Story – Poland
By Jacek Kowzlowski

I was born two decades after World War II in Poland which was under Soviet Union control at the time. As a child, I remember wanting to be free and independent. I dreamt of traveling, of finding new friends, and discovering the world. But there were many restrictions and special regulations during that time in Poland. I could not travel freely and it was difficult for me to get a passport. Even our phone calls were controlled . . . [read more]

For submissions and recommendations, email editor@theshiftnetwork.com.

Peace Pole Story – Australia and New Zealand
By Jenny Funston

My name is Jenny Funston and I live in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. I first learnt about Peace Poles after reading a book in 1997 by Masami Saionji, who leads the Peace Pole movement. Imagine my delight when I visited Japan in 1998 and saw my very first Peace Pole outside a temple in Osaka!

I really like the idea of silent sentinels for peace popping up all over the globe, most untagged, but very much visible. They come in all sizes and designs, although an obelisk style pole is most usual . . . [read more]

Peace Pole Story – Chile
By Susan Olesek with Elam Chance

My name is Marta Rojas Berndt. I live in Santiago de Chile where I am a teacher of Plastic Arts. I also do alternative therapies.

I came across the Peace Pole Project in June 2007, when Elena Becú came to my country. Since then I have participated in Peace Pole activities regularly.

In December 2007, I started a special spiritual program and in February 2008 my husband built a Peace Pole which we planted in our balcony . . . [read more]

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Join BeThePeace and The Peace Pole Project for synchronized meditations around Peace Poles on the International Day of Peace (September 21, 2014)
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Sarah Anali
By Eleanor Tara

A musician after my own heart, Sarah Anali creates songs to inspire others to pursue their unique paths and trust their inner guidance. Initially writing about her personal story and struggles, she went on journey of deep healing and began to focus on themes that are more all-encompassing. She shares about her new songs, "How do we stay connected with a higher power while remaining engaged in this world? How do we live as Spirit without denying our humanness? How do we live fearlessly from the heart, while acknowledging our imperfections and fears? These are open questions in my life and my music. I may never get answers, but I will never stop asking." Her debut album, The Gift of Grace, is aptly titled. Each song is a much needed dose of spiritual medicine, with every wise word knocking on the door of your psyche until you finally let it in. Click here to experience her healing magic.

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