[Catalyst #18] We CAN Create a World of Oneness

By Stephen Dinan, founder and CEO of The Shift Network

This Thursday, Oct. 24th marks a very special day that we've helped to support and co-sponsor: Global Oneness Day.

Humanity's Team and AGNT are creating a spectacular all-day teleseminar featuring many of the world's top spiritual leaders, including Michael Beckwith, Ravi Shankar, and Ken Wilber, all focused on creating a world based on oneness.

In honor of that day, this week we're featuring inspiring oneness videos from Archbishop Tutu and the Dalai Lama, articles from Lisa Betz of Humanity's Team, Kurt Johnson and David Robert Ord from Interspirituality, Mirabai Starr (soon to join Shift's faculty) on a global mystical perspective, Will Keepin and Cynthia Brix on gender reconciliation, and Michele Vonetes Bongiovanni, one of our Peace Ambassador graduates.

We also have a feature from Ocean Robbins, who is producing the upcoming GMO telesummit, the first of its kind!

Finally, during the Summer of Peace we celebrated Nelson Mandela, one of the true global figures to promote oneness in times of challenge. Three leading peacebuilders from South Africa shared their reflections on how Mandela has impacted their country and the world through his example of humility, forgiveness and courage. We'd love to share this recording with you for free! (click here to listen to Celebrating Nelson Mandela recording)

Archbishop Desmond Tutu Supports a National uBuntu Day
For Africans, oneness is expressed in the beautiful cultural concept of "ubunutu." In this video, Archbishop Tutu shares why a National Ubuntu Day is vital.

The Dalai Lama on Interdependence
Beautiful reflections from His Holiness at the Synthesis Dialogues in 2012.

Stand with Humanity on Global Oneness Day
By Lisa Betz, Newsletter Services, Humanity's Team

BOULDER, Colo.—The countdown is on. Humanity's Team and The Association for Global New Thought (AGNT), along with many partners worldwide, will present the fourth annual Global Oneness Day, a public service day, on October 24. On this day and within the week, tens of thousands of people around the world will enjoy community events such as concerts, special church services, outreach projects; drum circles and performances in celebration of humanity's Oneness . . . [read more]

Global Oneness and InterSpirituality
By Kurt Johnson and David Robert Ord

At this juncture in the history of our species, when our planet faces a plethora of critical challenges, a movement toward global oneness is underway. Dubbed the "Interspiritual" movement, surprisingly it has emerged from the world's religious communities—traditionally some of the most divided groups on earth.

This initiative was identified and set on a solid footing in 1999 with the release of a book by the visionary interfaith and sacred activist pioneer Brother Wayne Teasdale, whose influential The Mystic Heart: Discovering a Universal Spirituality in the World's Religions boldly declared, "The only viable religion for the Third Millennium is spirituality itself" . . . [read more]

Sky-Water, Land-Water: Mystics and Global Oneness
By Mirabai Starr (Photo by Lisa Law)

My love affair with the Christian mystics feels utterly natural to me, but it seems to baffle some people. Maybe because I was born into a secular Jewish family with parents who rejected any and all flavors of organized religion. In my teens I moved to the Lama Foundation, the quintessential interspiritual community in the mountains of Northern New Mexico, where I embraced Eastern traditions, dedicating myself to the practice of Buddhist mindfulness meditation, cultivating a devotion to the great Indian sage, Neem Karoli Baba, and singing Hindu kirtan. I also began following a Sufi path that led me to connect with at least three lineages, and participated in Native shamanic rituals with our Pueblo neighbors. As I grew older I added mystical Judaism to the mix, blending a weekly observance of Shabbat with a yearly plunge into the High Holy Days. Everything, in other words, except Christianity . . . [read more]

Global Oneness & The New Business Paradigm
By Michele Vonetes Bongiovanni, a Peace Ambassador

On this very sacred day, we celebrate "global oneness", the belief that is simple in concept, but imbued with an energy so very powerful, it can heal the world. We are all one--with each other, with all of humanity, nature, the animal kingdom, our world (and beyond), and Spirit/God. I am grateful for the lessons I learned in James O'Dea's Peace Ambassador Course...for it is only with peace and grace that we truly "live" the embodied oneness. The tremendous lessons of dealing with energy in all its forms…and maintaining a grounded, present mindset in the face of conflict have served and continue to serve me well with family, outside groups and business. I am a better person as a result of these powerful lessons, and the course truly awakened my desire to develop my own healing project . . . [read more]

Healing between Women and Men: The Next Wave of Truth and Reconciliation
By William Keepin, PhD and Rev. Cynthia Brix

It was the third day of an advanced workshop in "Gender Reconciliation" with 12 men and 13 women at a retreat center in Johannesburg, South Africa. The workshop was sponsored by Gender Reconciliation International (GRI), which has developed and piloted a process called Gender Reconciliation in eight countries over the past 21 years. The Gender Reconciliation process creates safe forums for deep truth-telling, healing, and reconciliation between the sexes. The basic premise of Gender Reconciliation is that both women and men are afflicted by gender injustice, and each needs the other for a true and complete healing. Taking a step beyond traditional forms of gender activism, the Gender Reconciliation process brings women and men together—to jointly confront gender injustice, and facilitates a collaborative process that leads to mutual healing, reconciliation, and often forgiveness between the sexes . . . [read more]

Alert: Monsanto Breaks Record
By Ocean Robbins
If you care about GMOs, attend Ocean's upcoming GMO Summit, the first of its kind, by clicking here.

Monsanto and the rest of the biotech industry have just broken a state record. They have poured more than $17 million into their effort to stop Washington's GMO labeling ballot initiative.

Why do they spend tens of millions of dollars every year trying to keep you in the dark about your food? What don't they want you to know? And what are they afraid might happen if you did? . . . [read more] [check out the GMO Mini-Summit]

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The Abundant Mystic—Creating a Life of Personal Prosperity while Serving the Highest Good of All – Free teleseminar featuring 28 luminaries including John Gray, Marci Shimoff, Panache Desai, Marcia Wieder and many more. Click here.

A New Narrative of Peace: From the Inner to the International – The Contemplative Journal featured Philip Hellmich's article on Summer of Peace and peacebuilding. Click here.

Watch the TV Premiere of the thought provoking documentary, UNLIKELY FRIENDS, on Oct. 21st at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery – http://www.unlikelyfriendsforgive.com

Restorative Justice on The Rise – the free international telecast series featured during the Summer of Peace will continue every Thursday at 5pmPT/8pET. This powerful weekly series is sponsored by The Peace Alliance and produced by Molly Rowan Leach. Click here to join.

The Pachamama Alliance—Annual Luncheon Fundraiser – November 14th, 2013 | 12:00 to 1:30 PM PST | Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason Center | San Francisco, California – See more, click here.

Interfaith Dialogue and Service Projects – The Palestinian village of Wadi Foquin and United Methodist Church in Sebastopol, CA have partnered on numerous initiatives. Click here to listen to a recent interview and learn about upcoming events.

GMO Mini-Summit is October 25–27 – You can participate from anywhere on the planet for no charge. Check out the amazing speakers, or sign up online, here.

Oneness and Spiritually Guided Leadership
By Barbara Fields

It's about Oneness, right? Mystics in caves, on mountains, in forests and sanctuaries pursue it experientially and, once awake, no longer remember separation. The avatars of the East and of the West carried the message from 500 BCE to 500 CE, insisting on Oneness without realizing that its institutionalization as religion would lead to violent separatism for two millennia and counting. In more recent centuries, pockets of sanity have eddied up in human society; Transcendentalists, Theosophists, Beatniks, Hippies, Indigos and Conscious Evolutionaries have taken their turns at resurrecting and reincarnating Oneness, decade by decade . . . [read more]

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