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Alert: Monsanto Breaks Record

By Ocean Robbins
Monsanto and the rest of the biotech industry have just broken a state record. They have poured more than $17 million into their effort to stop Washington’s GMO labeling ballot initiative.
Why do they spend tens of millions of dollars every year trying to keep you in the dark about your food? What don’t they want you to know? And what are they afraid might happen if you did?
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More than 90% of the American public supports GMO labeling, so it takes a whole lot of misleading advertisements to convince folks that they should not know what they’re eating. The industry’s real fear, of course, isn’t about labels on a package. It’s that consumers would choose to steer clear of potential risks and that manufacturers, worried about a drop in sales, would shift ingredients over to avoid GMOs.
Monsanto tells us that their products are about the best thing to come along since sliced bread. For years they’ve been promising that GMOs would reduce pesticide use, increase yields, reduce water consumption, and offer foods that are more tasty and more nutritious.
I so wish they were right.
But in the 20 years since GMO crops came on the market, studies find they have led to higher pesticide use, and no improvement in flavor, nutrition, yield or water consumption.  Instead, most of what’s been grown is seeds that are either engineered to withstand massive dosing of toxic herbicides, or to function as living pesticide factories.  Monsanto's Bt. corn, for example, is actually registered with the EPA as a pesticide."
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With public concern about GMOs at an all time high, and with large volumes of misinformation on all sides of the issue, we decided it was time to create an online summit to help you get the truth.  My dad, bestselling author John Robbins, and I are joining forces with bestselling GMO author Jeffrey Smith. We are bringing together some of the top GMO experts on the planet, so you can find out the real impact of biotechnology on your body and your planet. If you love life, safe food, and the truth, then this summit is for you.  It is time to get informed, get inspired, and take action.
The GMO Mini-Summit is October 25-27, and you can participate from anywhere on the planet for no charge.  Check out the amazing speakers, or sign up online, here.
Ocean Robbins is co-author of Voices of the Food Revolution, and serves as CEO and co-host (with best-selling author John Robbins) of the 100,000+ member Food Revolution Network.

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This article appears in:
2013 Catalyst - Issue 18

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