[Catalyst #12] Compassion Games, Religion 2.0, Forgiveness and more
By Stephen Dinan, founder and CEO of The Shift Network

This Summer of Peace issue of the Catalyst contains exciting invitations to participate with us in the Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest (Sept. 11-21) and International Forgiveness Day (August 4) plus a feature on a hero of forgiveness Azim Khamisa. But first I want to reflect on what's happening with a new course starting this week:

Religion 2.0
I have been blown away by the response to Andrew Harvey's Christ Path Advanced Intensive, which starts Wednesday with an anticipated 250-300 people. It's a 9 month program that is intense, provocative, and powerful, all focused on making Christ consciousness a lived reality.

The response to Andrew's 3 recent free calls on Living Christ Consciousness was so strong that we're running them as a miniature free conference tomorrow night (Monday), from 4:00-7:25 pm Pacific (dial your local number here enter the PIN 498523#, or click here for the webcast).

In the future, we're planning on doing intensive work on Sufism as the upper octave of Islam as well as Kabbalah, the mystical core of Judaism. The reason for all this has become very clear: to enter the new era, we are not simply rejecting or dissolving the old but upgrading to a new global perspective. So Christianity 1.0 gradually becomes The Christ Path 2.0, Islam 1.0 becomes Sufism 2.0 and so on. We're even looking at how to reclaim the Goddess path with Ariel Spilsbury this Wednesday.

While the sacred heart of all these traditions is beating strongly, the mythologies and beliefs need an upgrade to something that can truly serve a global era. That will come through the depths of sacred practice and mystic realization, as well as engaged action.

This is our same philosophy in every domain: we are evolving to a new stage of business, health care, even parenting. So instead of rejecting or setting aside Christianity, we are finding a new, more beautiful expression in which we see Jesus as a revered pioneer and soul friend rather than a singular Messiah. There's no more powerful guide to this upgrade than Andrew Harvey.

This connects to the Summer of Peace theme in this issue - it's time for a reunion of ALL global religious traditions so we can create a truly peace-filled world. That can happen through Forgiveness (August 4th date) and Compassion (Sept. 11-21) and our own building of bridges. Next month, several of our team will be traveling to the Holy Land and building bridges for the healing that is needed there. It's an exciting time!
Disarming with Empathy: Jo Berry at TEDxExeter
Jo Berry has worked for over 10 years to resolve conflict around the world. Sixteen years after her father was killed by an IRA bomb, Jo first met with the man responsible, Pat Magee.
The Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance and International Forgiveness Day: Join in the August 3-4th celebration
In a world where horrors are rampant and political schisms run deep, some people rise above their grief and fears and reach out with forgiveness to those who harmed them. It is this consciousness that inspired Robert W. Plath to create the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance (WFA) . . . [read more]

Join the Shift Network Team as we participate in the Compassion Games Coopetition
The Shift Network is proud to announce that we are competing in the Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest 9/11 - 9/21. Our goal is to be the most compassionate company in the world! You are invited to participate as an active member of the Shift Community!  . . . [read more]

World Peace: One Mantra at a Time with Deva Premal and Miten
Deva Premal is being featured in the Summer of Peace today, July 21st - World Peace: One Mantra at a Time. She will be talking about mantra as a path to deep inner peace. (The recording will be available free on the Summer of Peace website—click here.) Here is more about Deva Premal and her partner Miten . . . [read more]

For submissions and recommendations, email editor@theshiftnetwork.com.
A Nonstop Tribute to Nelson Mandela who turned 95 on July 18, 2013. More info here >>

The Global Heart Awakens

We're proud to announce the Anodea Judith's amazing new book The Global Heart Awakens hit the top of the bestseller list in several categories at Amazon.com during the day of its release. If you buy it now you can still get a lot of great prizes and bonuses. More info here >>

Peace Like a River (August 2-4) - Rafting, Dancing, Celebrating!

Celebrate Shift co-founder Devaa Haley Mitchell's 40th birthday with Stephen Dinan and other Shift leaders such as Elayne Doughty, Marcia Wieder and Lisa Schrader in a beautiful community camp-out and river-rafting weekend on the Stanislaus River in CA. Special performance by renowned kirtan artist Donna Delory. Amazing food, dancing, community. When you register, make sure to say Stephen and Devaa sent you! More info here >>

Nexus Global Youth Summit

The Nexus Global Youth Summit will convene at the United Nations in New York – 24-27 July 2013. Shift Network's Philip Hellmich (Director of Peace) and Olivia Hansen (active member) will be presenting on a panel: Creating a Culture of Peace. More info here >>

17th Annual International Forgiveness Day Weekend

August 3-4, 2013 - San Rafael, CA; Featuring Marianne Williamson; Live Streaming Available. More info here >>

Peace in the Park San Francisco

Free event August 24, 2013 from 11am to 6pm at Golden Gate Park, SF. More info here >>

Peace, and more chaos, at Trayvon Martin rallies across the U.S.

More info here >>

Azim Khamisa My Hero Award
By Philip M. Hellmich, Director of Peace at The Shift Network

Azim Khamisa is a member of the Summer of Peace Wisdom Council. Azim's only son Tariq was murdered in a gang-related incident while delivering a pizza in San Diego on January 21st, 1995. Losing his 20-year-old child upended Azim's life. Formerly an investment banker, Azim faced questions with no easy answers: why was his son taken away? Why do children join gangs? Why do they act with violence? In the end, Azim came together with the guardian of his son's killer and together they founded the Tariq Khamisa Foundation. It is dedicated to breaking the cycle of youth violence by empowering kids, saving lives, and teaching peace. This powerful video from the My Hero Award Film Festival tells the story.

To learn more about Azim Khamisa and his work, visit: http://www.azimkhamisa.com/

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  2013 Issue 12 • Jul 21
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Forgive Someone.

"Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies."
- Nelson Mandela

Think about someone you need to forgive - either another person or yourself. In this Catalyst issue, read the featured article about forgiveness, look at Azim Khamisa's profile, watch the video by Jo Berry and then register for the International Forgiveness Day (in person or live streaming). After careful reflection, think about forgiveness in your own life and then start the journey of forgiveness in a way that is authentic, meaningful and safe for you. For resources on forgiveness, click here.
Summer of Peace – Over 50 of the world's top peacebuiders share their wisdom on how we can create peace, including Nobel Laureate Jody Williams (photo at left), Chief Phil Lane Jr., Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Col. Puck Mykelby, James O'Dea, Ambassador Chowdhury and more. Plus FREE bonus recordings from Summer of Peace 2012.

Soulful Women Retreat

You're a soulful woman. You're self-aware, motivated, talented, and you've been successful in many undertakings and important projects. And yet...

You sense even greater possibilities for your life. You want to touch people and be the brightest light you can be. We invite you into an initiatory journey into Birthing Your Soul's Calling, where you can begin to invoke the greater than imagined possibilities for your life.

3-day retreat with Devaa Haley Mitchell and Elayne Doughty: October 4-7, 2013. Registration is now open for our highest-rated retreat of the year! Join us for a 3-day, life-changing retreat...

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Entering the Mystery of Feminine Alchemy with Ariel Spilsbury
Free call July 24
The Next Scientific (R)evolution Intensive with Ervin Laszlo
Starts August 1
The Tariq Khamisa Foundation (TKF) was established in 1995 after Tariq Khamisa, a 20 year old college student was killed by Tony Hicks, a 14 year old gang member. Tony became the first child in California under the age of 16 to be convicted as an adult. He was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. Believing there were "victims on both ends of the gun", Tariq's father Azim Khamisa reached out in forgiveness to Tony's grandfather, Ples Felix to begin the process of healing; together they established TKF.

TFK's goal is to stop youth violence through their education, mentorship, and community service programs. (Click here to learn more.)

Deva Premal (who will be interviewed during the Summer of Peace, will be on a national tour, Mantrafest, sharing her powerful devotional songs with her partner Miten. Find out more here.
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