One Hundred Days of Darkness and Light

One Hundred Days of Darkness and Light is the first section in Robert Peng's book, The Master Key

Installment #15
Chapter Three

Biguan in the Dark Chamber 

Perfect Peace

I was meditating cross-legged on the yellow cushion. Suddenly I had the sensation that I was in an ascending elevator, and I rose higher and higher and higher . . . There was no top floor, and the higher I soared, the brighter it became. I felt like a tiny flame hurtling toward the sun. The brilliance spread through me and intensified. I merged completely with this boundless ocean of blazing light until I was extinguished.

My mind ceased to function. Nothing stirred my consciousness. There were no thoughts, no feelings, no movements, no shapes, no sounds, no textures, no desires, no fear, no divisions, and no edges. There was absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing. There was nowhere to go and nothing to do. All activity ceased, yet this formless radiance brimmed with its own fullness and completeness.

As I became this vast, spacious openness, an indescribable stillness set in. It was a restfulness that transcended all the bliss and ecstasy I had experienced in all my meditations combined. And from this self- radiant serenity emerged one exalted quality: perfect peace.

“Jihui . . .” An incoherent sound rippled through the tranquility . . .

“Jihui . . .” The voice reverberated through the unwavering silence . . .

“Jihui.” The sound coalesced meaning. My master was reeling me back in.

I opened my eyes and suddenly the stone chamber materialized in the midst of the brilliant luminosity. The physical darkness and the spiritual light coincided.

E mi tuo fo—Buddha bless you,” Xiao Yao said.

I was lying on the mattress; my master was seated on the floor beside me. A long time passed before I spoke.

“Shifu . . .” I uttered softly.

“I’ve been here at your side for the last eight days.”

“Eight days?”

“I found you slumped over on the floor. I called out your name.

You did not respond. I checked your breathing. You had no discern- ible breath. I checked your pulse. You had no discernible pulse. I picked you up and put you down on the mattress.”

“No breath? No pulse?”

“This experience is called xiao si er da huo—Small Death, Big Life.”

“Was I dead?”

“Yes and no. It was a controlled death. I remained at your side to make sure you did not cross over for good.”

“The light is so beautiful . . .”

“In Buddhism we call it Kong, the void. The Daoists call it Wuji, uncreated infinity. This realm is ever-present, but it is only revealed when a soul is purified and all mental activity ceases. It is the condi- tion the Buddha realized while meditating under the Bodhi Tree. It is nirvana.”

“. . . so peaceful.”

“It is your true nature. Perfection is who you really are.” “Somehow I feel completely different than I did before.” “Much karma has been lifted.”

“Shifu, you sound tired.”

“During the Small Death your Qi flow can become stagnant. The presence of an experienced master is critical. I watched over you day and night to make sure that your meridians remained strong. But don’t worry,” he reassured me, “I can recover my Qi quickly.”

We sat silently in the darkness. The room radiated an aura of pure love and compassion. After he left, I remained on the mattress. Even though the room was physically dark, I could still perceive the brilliant inner light shining throughout. It didn’t matter whether my eyes were open or closed. The dark chamber was bathed in clear white light. I couldn’t see the actual contours of the chamber with my physical eyes, but I could sense the walls and even the position of the furniture.

The stone room felt like a dreamy apparition floating in brilliant emptiness. The peaceful spaciousness was still present, only now it permeated the walls, my body, and even my thoughts. The finite world of form was arising in formless infinity, and despite being holed up in a small, dingy space, I experienced complete freedom.

I was thirsty. I stood up. My body felt incredibly energized. My Lower Dantian was as warm as a stove and bursting with Qi. I was supercharged with energy. I felt like jumping around, and I leaped across the room to the water jug. I took a sip. The experience triggered an explosion of sensual delight. Immeasurable force moved through my limbs, and I spontaneously began to roll around on the floor. I leaped to my feet and ran around the room, bouncing off the far wall as I slapped the ceiling with my palm. I darted back and forth like a rubber ball. I kicked my legs up in the air and walked around the room doing a two-finger handstand. I was light as a feather and possessed the strength of a tiger. These spontaneous, explosive body movements continued for hours.

“Shifu,” I remarked the next day, “I’m feeling a new, strange sensation.” “What are you feeling?” he asked.

“Energy buzzing from my fingers. The Qi is very potent. If I put my hands in prayer position, I feel a cloud of energy forming above my head, and then energy shoots up from my fingertips into the cloud like bolts of lightning.”

“The Small Death has awakened your inner power, Jihui. You have developed the ability to discharge the same electric Qi I used to empower you. You must be very careful with this energy. It is very powerful and precious. You must not abuse it, especially now. You are still young. It takes time to master this power. I will train you. Experiment on yourself, but promise me that you won’t use it on anyone for the next ten years.”

“I promise.”


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