We are a transformativeeducational company partneringwith the worlds top teachers,experts and healers to supportyour personal learning journey. Becoming part of The Shift Network connects you with a like-minded community — together, we can create a beautiful world that works for all. Our mission is to serve the personaltransformational needs of as manyindividuals as possible, helping themexpand the aperture of their personalarc of development over time. Our vision is to use that foundation of personal transformation to go even further — to help create a sustainable, peaceful, healthy and prosperous world for all.We hold a vision where, not only are everyone’s basic needs met while living in peace, but the very best in all of us is expressed and humanity’s full creative potential is set free.We are working to upgrade the‘human operating system’ by: Supporting people to unlocktheir full potential throughtransformative education and media.Inspiring everyone to bringtheir unique gifts to the worldand create real, tangible change.Celebrating and spreadingthe most effective and innovativeideas and practices that aretransforming the way we live.Sharing openly about our ownefforts in social change via lobbying,activism, philanthropy and more.Connecting global citizenswho are called to create abetter world into a networkof millions around the planet. We call ourselves the Shift Network because it will take millions ofconnected, activated, inspired citizensto enact the changes that are possible.A network of inspired hearts,awakened minds, and dedicated souls. This is what we’re creating and we’re well on our way, having served over 1,300,000 people worldwide with customers in 170 countries and having featured over 1,000 thought leaders in domains as diverse as spirituality, peace, holistic health, psychology, parenting, enlightened business, indigenous wisdom, and sustainability.And of course, we’re so very grateful for your partnership in this important work.Our Culture The way our organizationfunctions must be a reflectionof the world we want to create.In support of this, we’ve created a loving, family-like culture, united by our commitment to shifting the planet, that has a number of unique aspects such as:‘Check-in’ circles with all staff who work inthe office every other week in which weshare about our lives beyond work and thecelebrations and challenges we’re facing.Policies that allow employees to workabroad a month each year to learn,grow and fulfill their travel dreams