One Hundred Days of Darkness and Light

One Hundred Days of Darkness and Light is the first section in Robert Peng's book, The Master Key

Installment #14
Chapter Three

Biguan in the Dark Chamber 

A few days after experimenting with my newfound psychic ability, I returned to the practice of Bu Jing Guan Gong. Over a period of several days I continuously invoked the ills of the world with renewed enthusiasm, and the thick, gloomy darkness returned quickly. The walls became silent, and the heaviness around me grew increasingly oppressive.

Suddenly a chill invaded the room. I ignored the cold at first, but the sensation gradually became intolerable. The iciness penetrated through all the layers of my body. The frosty sting penetrated my skin and chilled my blood. My teeth chattered. The chill sank into my internal organs. I am going to freeze to death, I thought. Then I recalled my master’s words, “Don’t retreat!” I tried to keep my resolve, but I panicked and opened my eyes. Within seconds the cold sensa- tion stopped.

I began practicing again. And this time I made a vow: I’d rather die than open my eyes. The cold sensation returned quickly and assaulted me mercilessly. I felt as though my whole body was submerged under freezing, arctic water. I shook uncontrollably. I’m going to die . . . I nearly panicked again. Then let me die . . .

I withstood the relentless pain for an indefinite time. My resolve was steadfast and unwavering. The torture became worse. There was nothing for me to do but press on. After surviving the most bitter moment of hellish anguish, I felt a tingle of warmth. A pulsation of glorious heat began to build between my kidneys and radiate out.

Next a fireball surged from the base of my spine. It shot up from my tailbone along my spine into my brain and then all the way up to the top of my head. That energy spread warmth and pleasure wherever it went. Mmmm . . . Another fireball shot up. My internal organs began to defrost. Every warm cell in my body began to vibrate blissfully. The ecstasy continued to build to an inconceivable level of rapture. I remained in that state for a long, long time.

After my energy settled, I began to practice Bu Jing Guan Gong once again. The ominous darkness returned as I focused harder than ever, eager to gather more negativity. Soon another uncomfortable sensation manifested: itchiness. I felt as though an army of ants had invaded the dark chamber with marching orders to parade all over my skin. I touched my face and scalp for an instant just to make sure there were no insects. There weren’t.

I allowed the itchiness to spread into my mouth, down my throat, and into my internal organs. The itchiness crawled into my nose and up my sinuses into my brain. Every part of my body was extremely itchy. The prickly sensation was maddening, but I didn’t scratch myself. The experience was even more intolerable than the cold, but I controlled myself and plowed through the agony.

Soon the sensation subsided and the same fireball surged up from the base of my spine into my brain. I was hurled into an ecstatic state, but this time my body felt more deeply purified and the energy washing through me was even more refined.

This same pattern repeated itself several times, only on each occasion I suffered a different kind of energetic “torture” before experiencing blue light and bliss. The next affliction was heat. I thought I was going to burn alive. After that I couldn’t breathe and became convinced that I would suffocate to death. I braved both challenges and was rewarded on each occasion with more blue light and even more exquisite, long-lasting bliss.

Soon it became harder for me to dredge up any negativity. After a while there was no darkness left for me to invoke. I continued to practice Bu Jing Guan Gong, but since there was no more dark- ness to be found, I remained steadily anchored in the blissful light. I waited patiently for the next wave of torment to arrive, but it never came. Instead an utterly ineffable event took place.


To be continued in the next issue of Catalyst...

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Robert Peng is a world-renowned Qigong Master, healer, and author of the book, The Master Key: Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom.

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Robert was born and raised in Hunan, China. At age eight, he began an intensive apprenticeship under the close guidance of the legendary monk Xiao Yao, an enlightened master known for his profound healing ability and martial arts skill. At age 15, Robert performed a 100-day water fast in a small dark room at a secluded monastery in the remote mountains of Hunan province. He underwent a radical spiritual transformation and awakened amazing healing powers. Master Xiao Yao encouraged Robert to develop his healing skills by studying with other Chinese masters.

After pursuing his training quietly while attending university in Changsha, where he majored in English Literature, at 29 years old he began to teach publicly, and within five years had trained over 150,000 students all over China, Australia, and the U.S. 

With his deep understanding and practice of Qigong, and with extensive life and teaching experience in the western world, Robert has developed a unique way to teach Qigong that people from different cultures can easily understand and follow while enjoying the real essence of this ancient Chinese healing art of wisdom, love, and vitality. 

Robert has been a regular presenter at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, The Esalen Institute, Integrative Health Symposium, and many other organizations and schools. 

Together with Bishop Desmond and Pema Chodron, he was honored as one of "Top Ten Heroes of 2013" for his contribution to transform "the ancient Chinese healing art of Qigong into today's fast-growing holistic practices — in addition to use as a spiritual practice for inner balance and peace, Qigong movement is gaining acceptance as a gentle movement for chronic illness and pain."

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