Psychological Renewal in a Time of Crisis

By Caroline Shola Arewa

There are weeks... when decades happen. We are experiencing a global crisis like nothing we have known before. We have had a month where so much has changed, leaving us experiencing fear, instability, grief, and pain. There has been a breaking down of personal and global systems, as if humanity is in a painful birth canal, waiting for something new to be born... waiting for spring to emerge after the cold winter. 

Spring is the time when flowers rise from the dark stillness of the earth. They rise in all their glory, sharing their rich scent, beautiful colors, and wonderful shapes and sizes. We feast on their beauty. However they must leave the comfort of the earth to fulfil their potential. And I think we too are being called to leave our comfort zones in order to reach our full potential as humans. I believe something powerful is emerging — a major shift in consciousness. ⁠

Spring is the season of new beginnings; what better time to make a massive shift? Traditionally, it’s a time to cleanse your body, clear your mind, declutter your environment, and create more space in your life. As we lock down due to the pandemic, it is the perfect time to shake off the mud and rise in all your beauty.

I use the term “psychological renewal” to refer to a 2-stage process I use with my coaching clients. I use it when clients come to me lacking direction, procrastinating, and showing signs of being generally low in energy and confidence. The process involves identifying what you need to let go of in life and clarifying what needs embracing in order to reach your highest potential. Below are some questions you can use to kick-start your own psychological renewal.

  • Who or what is important in my life?
  • What do I really need to release?
  • What new habits do I need to create?

As you release the clutter and debris from your mind, energy is freed up. The energy that was holding you back is now available and can be utilized in moving you forward.

  • What is emerging in your life at this time?
  • What is trying to be expressed through me?

Take time in your journal to answer these five powerful questions. Your first thoughts are the ones to capture. Often we have a thought, dismiss it, and then try to answer the hard way by thinking. Avoid the thinking trap. Let spirit move through you and deliver the answers. Allow them to write themselves in your journal without letting your mind interfere with the process. We call this free association in psychology. Writing this way in your journal is perfect for gaining insight. As the world comes to terms with major shifts in our consciousness, use this time to embrace your own renewal. Like a flower in springtime letting go of the winter and growing towards the sun, let go of anything that no longer serves you and rise in all your beauty and potential. 

Caroline Shola Arewa is known as the Energy Doctor, transforming lives worldwide for more than three decades with her pioneering and award-winning work. Shola is passionate about health, wellness, and supporting people to feel energized and empowered. She is the visionary behind Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach Training and Enlightened Entrepreneurs Lounge. A psychologist, coach, yoga teacher, speaker, trainer, mentor, and author of five books, Shola can help you get your energy back and your life on track!

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This article appears in: 2020 Catalyst, Issue 10: Imagining a Post-Pandemic World