Bill McKenna
Author & Founder of the Cognomovement Systems

Bill McKenna is the author of The Only Lesson and the founder of the Cognomovement System. During his own life-changing spiritual awakening, Bill studied with a number of master teachers to learn the secrets of self-discovery and the ability to create miraculous change in his life and in the lives of others. Bill now shares those secrets with his students in his renowned Secrets of the Masters video series. While in the pursuit of gifting what he had learned to others, he wanted something that could help people in a faster, longer-lasting, and more profound way.

Marathon runner, martial artist, helicopter pilot, and former adrenaline junkie turned spiritual teacher, Bill McKenna has pioneered a groundbreaking method for creating massive change, shifting perspective, and raising consciousness.

And it all centers around a brightly colored ball...

Cognomovement® An Energy Healing System


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