Ellen Meredith, D.A.
Medical Intuitive, Energy Medicine Teacher, Author & Conscious Channel

Ellen Meredith is a conscious channel, medical intuitive, energy medicine practitioner, teacher, and author. She's been in practice since 1984, helping over 10,000 clients and students across the globe communicate with their own energies, hear their inner guidance, and heal.

Ellen is renowned for her down-to-earth, yet out-of-the-box thinking. Originally trained as a healer by her inner teachers (Councils), Ellen later became an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP) and is an emeritus member of Donna Eden’s faculty.

Ellen brings humanity, humor, and insight in many forms to the world of energy healing. Her approach to self-healing with energy medicine offers students tools that help them get to the heart of their health and life challenges, and work compassionately with their body, mind, and spirit. She builds on everyday experiences and commonsense frameworks, believing that life reveals more of its meaning if you treat it as an evolving story, and see yourself as a unique character helping to co-create it.

Ellen is author of Your Body Will Show You the Way: Energy Medicine for Personal and Global Change... The Language Your Body Speaks: Self-Healing with Energy Medicine... Listening In: Dialogues with the Wiser Self (channeled book)... In Search of Radiance: Learning to Stand with Your Wiser Self (channeled class audiobook)... and many downloadable courses. 

Activate Your Body’s Miraculous Ability to Heal & Thrive Using the Language of Subtle Energy
Master Your Body’s Energetic Language for Self-Healing & Wellness
Activate Your Body's Miraculous Ability to Heal


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