Sharla Jacobs
Co-Founder of Thrive Academy

Stephen Dinan called Sharla Jacobs and Jesse Koren, her husband and business partner, “the #1 source for turning coaches and holistic practitioners into 6-figure transformational leaders.” Prominent entrepreneur Eben Pagan says they are “the leading authorities in holistic business training.”

In the past 19 years, Thrive Academy members have earned hundreds of millions of dollars collectively, which means a lot of people are getting the healing and empowerment they need. Many of today’s transformational leaders, including Sage Lavine and Mellissa Seaman, launched their business while working with Jesse and Sharla at Thrive Academy.

Thrive Academy makes launching and scaling a coaching or holistic business easy by helping their members hone their 100% unique messaging and then plugging that messaging into pre-built, customizable funnels that eliminate 80% of the time and frustration it would otherwise take to market, launch, and scale to earn $10,000+ each month.

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