Bevin Niemann-Cortez
Co-Founder, Empath Leaders Global Community, Author & Sacred Activist

Over the past ten years, Bevin Niemann has empowered tens of thousands of intuitive empaths to live each day with greater peace, connection, self-trust and purpose. She's passionate about helping you become a sensitive lifestyle designer, which involves making conscious choices about every aspect of your life. Where you live, who is a part of your inner circle, and how you use your gifts to leave our world better than you found it. Bevin's most important message? You came here to master self-trust.

Bevin is a co-founder of the Empath Leaders global community, with 400 members from six continents and 20+ countries. She's holding sacred space to expand the capacity of our planetary grid of empaths, lightworkers, and conscious leaders. Bevin is a three-time host for The Shift Network’s Empath Summit, which has reached almost 100K empaths. Her writing has been featured in the Shift Catalyst, Thrive Global, Authority, Mind Body Spirit Network, Conscious Reminder, and Spiritual Biz magazines.

Mastering Your Energetic Field as an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person


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