Chloë Goodchild answers the question:

What is the nicest thing a non-family member has ever done for you?


Well, there are so many. The one that comes to mind most recently is a meeting with a very remarkable healer out in Crete. She invited me to come out to stay at her center, and there I was in glorious sunshine for a whole month. I had my own private beach, there was this incredible walk down to it, and this beautiful, turquoise water. Clear, blue water. So I was swimming every day.

And then the real pièce de résistance was when she took me to a little village in the mountains of Crete, a very special place which was known as The Sanctuary of Five Holy Priestesses. It was a beautiful little stone path that took us down past this little chapel that had been built after the existence of these healing caves, and I was stunned to find this cave where there was just the most incredible presence in these caves.

And they were accompanied by these deep, stone baths. So obviously in ancient of days, there was a wellspring nearby, and there was this incredible tree that was 2,000 years old. The energy and the atmosphere of this place, taking us back to pre-Christian times, and then hearing this incredible vibration coming through my voice inside one of these caves.

In fact, my friend Ingrid, who took me there, told me that she'd taken a Peruvian shaman there quite recently and he'd said that he was convinced that it was a vortex that was connected like a song line or a vibrational ley line with Peru, right over to Peru. It was so profound. When I sounded, it was like disappearing down into the deepest part of myself that I've ever, ever encountered. And not only that, the sound was not only coming through me as I was sounding in this cave, but it seemed to be coming from all around me.

I would be sounding apparently this direction, and then it was as if the presence of the sound would move around the cave and then come back in through the back of my head and then out again. It was like some incredible gift of the universe to actually just bathe me in sound, in this healing, healing sound that I've spoken about and shared with people and experienced more often in silence, actually, for many, many, many years. But just to experience that in this kind of quadraphonic, multidimensional way was something I'll never forget.

Chloë Goodchild is the founder of The Naked Voice, a pioneering experiential vocal training program providing a sound-awareness toolkit of conscious core practices, music, audiobooks, and spoken meditations that empower you to find and embody your authentic voice. She established the Naked Voice Charitable Foundation in 2004 to disseminate a deeper awareness of the essential role that conscious communication plays in strengthening ethical awareness, social health, and wellbeing in all realms of human life.

Chloë’s seminal book, The Naked Voice: Transform Your Life Through the Power of Sound, invites you on a compelling adventure of self-discovery and creative fulfillment through a direct experience of your own authentic voice — the voice of your personal authority, the song of your soul, and your eternal identity. 

Chloë sings, teaches, performs, and records on her Naked Voice Music label. Her podcast series, VOCE Dialogues: Voices of Compassionate Evolution, launched in 2019. It explores and celebrates the transformative impact of compassion, with new-paradigm teachers, musicians, authors, artists, social activists, new scientists, and entrepreneurs who are making a difference in the world.

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This article appears in: 2020 Catalyst, Issue 25: Enneagram Global Summit