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Sheng Zhen

By Master Li

Sheng Zhen is found in the heart of every human being as a seed waiting to be watered and nourished. Once Sheng Zhen is experienced in the heart, it is seen everywhere. There is nowhere that it does not exist, for the very fabric of existence is Sheng Zhen.

Sheng Zhen translates as "sacred truth or “unconditional, selfless love.” When our qi cannot flow freely, its quality and quantity will gradually diminish and deteriorate. Over time, this can be experienced as fatigue, poor health, loss of focus, low motivation, depression, or anxiety. The natural state of being at ease and in harmony with one's surroundings becomes harder to maintain or even experience. 

The practice of Sheng Zhen Gong uses awareness and movement to harness the natural exchange of qi between ourselves and the universe, the essence of human health. These simple movements can improve physical health, balance emotions, open the heart, and ultimately elevate the spirit.

Sheng Zhen Gong is the qigong of unconditional love, a unique form of qigong that is more than movement, more than exercise, more than meditation. It is a philosophy and a science. It states that Love and Qi are the original energies of the Universe, intertwined and inseparable. 

Relax the Body * Quiet the Mind * Open the Heart

Sheng Zhen Gong is a graceful, healing system comprised of standing, sitting, moving, and non-moving forms that helps us loosen and synchronize our bodies. With regular practice, old patterns begin to break up, and we begin to calm down and move in harmony, inside and out. 

The continuous inter-exchange of qi between us and the universe helps restore balance in our bodies and in our lives. Doubt and worry cease to exist, and what follows is a sense of profound contentment.

Sheng Zhen Gong has three main functions. First, it promotes the health of the physical body, building strength, balance, and flexibility. The slow, rhythmic, and symmetrical movements relax the body, increasing the flow of healing qi. With regular practice, this flow of fresh, clear qi cleanses the meridians, boosts the immune system, and improves blood circulation.

Second, the practice of Sheng Zhen Gong can dissolve negative emotions like worry, fear, anger, sadness, jealousy, and, most importantly, hatred. The mind automatically becomes clear and calm. The third function of Sheng Zhen Qigong is to open and purify the Heart, ultimately elevating the Spirit. Becoming one with the Universe brings about a deep sense of peace, a feeling of connectedness to all things, and an inner state of total wellbeing. According to the Sheng Zhen philosophy, this is man’s natural state.

Let the warmth of love melt down the ice of hatred.
Let us look at the world with big love and help all come together in unity.
Let us move forward, hand in hand, side by side.
Let the song of love be heard everywhere. 
— Master Junfeng Li

Master Junfeng Li achieved international fame as a popular film actor, action director, and the coach of the Beijing Wushu team. At the height of his career, his success brought him into contact with a spiritual master who taught him a simple but profound meditation technique, the Union of Three Hearts. His meditation practice subsequently led to a life-changing epiphany that planted the seeds of Sheng Zhen Meditation in his heart, and he left China to spread this message of unconditional love throughout the world.

At 80 years old, Master Li is one of the true living masters of our time. His life is a testament to the value of practicing this system. He embodies the physical fluidity and the selfless spirit that are at the heart of Sheng Zhen Gong. As the founder and principal teacher of the International Sheng Zhen Society, he is dedicated to bringing the graceful, healing forms and inspired philosophy of this powerful practice of unconditional love to the world. 

Master Li travels internationally to train and certify Sheng Zhen Meditation teachers, and to practice or simply spend time with his students. In doing so, he shares his passion, wisdom, humor, and love, so that others can also experience the profound joy that permeates his entire being.

Master Li conducts workshops and teacher trainings in countries including Canada, the United States, France, Norway, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Latvia, Israel, Australia, Japan, and the Philippines, among others. When he's not traveling, he is based in Santa Barbara, California, where he teaches Sheng Zhen Meditation workshops. Master Li’s goal is a world suffused with unconditional love, in which every person truly loves their neighbor as if they were family. He believes that the practice of Sheng Zhen Meditation is the key to achieving this vision. With regular practice, one comes to experience a Sheng Zhen state: a life steeped in unconditional love.

Click here to visit the website of Master Li and Sheng Zhen.

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This article appears in: 2019 Catalyst, Issue 18: Qigong Global Summit and International Day of Peace Weekend