The Shift Catalyst — Qigong Global Summit and International Day of Peace Weekend

By Stephen Dinan, founder and CEO of The Shift Network

The ancient practice of Qigong can transform anxiety, stress, and disease into self-confidence, inner peace, and optimal health. 

That’s a bold claim, but you can experience the truth of it for yourself in our Qigong Global Summit (September 24–27), hosted by filmmaker, author, and healer Sharron Rose.

The more than 30 featured speakers in this summit will show you how a daily Qigong practice can immediately support you in rejuvenating your body, mind, and spirit by filling you with more healing energy, known as Qi — helping you feel more energetic, less stressed, and more at peace.

This is a golden opportunity to learn from some of the world's foremost Qigong teachers — including Daisy Lee, Lee Holden, Dr. Effie Chow, Dr. Roger Jahnke, Master Mingtong Gu, Sifu Ama Lia Wai-Ching Lee, Master Li Junfeng, Robert Peng, Pedram Shojai, Bill and Angie Douglas, Dr. Paul Hannah, and others — who will demonstrate simple yet powerful practices via high-quality video to cultivate abundant Qi flow to amplify your life force and discover your inner healing potential.

They’ll not only share insights into the practice of Qigong, but also Tai Chi, martial arts, and Traditional Chinese Medicine — as well as how Qi is the foundation of all of these ancient arts. To register for this free summit, click here.

We hope you are enjoying the International Day of Peace weekend, which I’m celebrating with our friends and community members at The Visionaries Summit

The International Day of Peace, September 21, is one of my favorite days of the year. Established by the United Nations in 1981, the International Day of Peace is an opportunity for people around the world to celebrate our shared desire for peace and the many ways that peace is experienced, cultivated, and expressed.

This year the International Day of Peace theme is “Climate Action for Peace.” An estimated 500 million people will celebrate the International Day of Peace in some way. What I love about this day and weekend is that we can all celebrate in ways that are dear to us, whether attending a community event, planting a peace pole, joining synchronized global meditations, dancing for peace, and/or simply praying for peace.

Since our inception, The Shift Network has made a commitment to peace. Over the past several years we have interviewed over 500 people looking at many of the different expressions of peace, and have compiled these interviews into the World Peace Library — a free resource that maps peace from inner peace to international peacebuilding. (See the Movement News section for more details.)

The stories in this issue’s “The Nicest Thing” section come from Kiara Windrider, a transpersonal therapist, science researcher, and featured speaker in the upcoming Qigong Global Summit… and Dr. Shamini Jain, who’s teaching a new 7-week live video training, Your Well of Being: The Ancient and Modern Science of Optimizing Your Biofield for Healing Yourself & Others.

You’ll also find heart-opening stories from Yvonne Kason, a board member of IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies) and the author of Touched by the Light: Exploring Spiritually Transformative Experiences… and Jennifer Lynn, a Marketing Writer on the Shift Community Transformation Team. Look for stories from other members of the Shift Team in future issues. We look forward to having you get to know us better!

We’d love to hear your answer to the question, How has the practice of Qigong improved your life? To share your thoughts in our Facebook Page community, click here.

Practicing Qigong is so simple and so powerful. You cannot do it wrong. You can only do it good, better, or best.
— Chunyi Lin

A Video Invitation to the September 24–27 Qigong Global Summit From Your Host, Sharron Rose

This year’s Qigong Global Summit will focus on healing — for ourselves, our clients, and the planet. The brilliant teachers, masters, and researchers you’ll see in this event will show how Qigong, Tai Chi, and other teachings of the Tao tradition can enhance the practices of yoga, acupuncture, Feldenkrais, dance, athletics, and more. They’ll emphasize how Qigong and Tai Chi can lead to self-empowerment, help you work with your emotions, and improve your relationships.

You’ll also hear from medical practitioners engaged in scientific research on the proven physiological benefits of these practices… PLUS, every teacher in the program will offer an exercise to increase your capacity to heal and bring beauty, harmony, and balance to your life and to our world. To register for free, click here.

Qigong: A Key to Dynamic Happiness
By Robert Peng, a featured speaker in the Qigong Global Summit

When I was eight years old, I met a man who had every reason to be unhappy. His name was Xiao Yao, and he used to be a high-ranking Buddhist priest. But when the Cultural Revolution swept through China and outlawed religion, he was forced to give up the monastic life. At that time, he was already 82 years old. He had lost contact with his colleagues, and had no living family members. On top of that, he worked as a boiler room attendant — a job that required him to work long hours, seven days a week, for low pay and under the most terrible conditions you can imagine.

To read more, click here.

Lee Holden’s Qigong Journey
By Ian Drogin (Lee Holden is a featured speaker in the Qigong Global Summit)

“During a soccer match, I suffered a traumatizing injury which abruptly ended my season. I tried all of the Western medical options that were available but nothing worked. Finally, I tried something that no one told me about; I booked an appointment with a martial arts teacher who did acupuncture and Qigong. He showed me some very strange Qigong exercises, worked on my pressure points, and after two weeks, I was 90% better and back playing soccer. The coaches and team doctors were stunned.”

To read more, click here.

Would you like to join The Shift Network team?

We are seeking a unique and talented individual for the important position of Project Coordinator for Online Summits at The Shift Network.

If you are inspired and passionate about joining our team, please click here for more information about this position. The Shift Network is committed to creating a diverse environment and is an equal opportunity employer.

In this special video series, prominent authors, performers, thought leaders, and others answer the question, “What is the nicest thing a non-family member has ever done for you?

If you missed any “Nicest Thing” stories, you can catch up on all of them here.

Kiara Windrider’s Story

EXCERPT: One day a group of us were out hiking and we came to this beautiful waterfalls where we used to go on many occasions. And on this occasion, one friend and I were up ahead. We came to the edge of the waterfalls, looked over, tried to climb down as much as possible, and ended up actually falling. We fell about 200 feet, both of us, and it was just interminable.

To watch the video and read the transcript of Kiara’s life-changing 8-minute story, click here.

Dr. Shamini Jain’s Story

EXCERPT: And I just remember sitting with Paul, and Paul saying to me, "You know, Shamini, sometimes these people that we think are enemies are actually here to teach us a lesson. And it's a lesson that's actually for our spiritual growth. It's not to teach us a lesson by putting us down or whatever. And I want you to just kind of sit with that and think about it."

To watch the video and read the transcript of Shamini’s humbling 5-minute story, click here.

Registration for Shamini’s new 7-week video training, Your Well of Being: The Ancient and Modern Science of Optimizing Your Biofield for Healing Yourself & Others, is open through Wednesday, October 2.
For more details — and to enroll — click here.

Yvonne Kason’s Story

EXCERPT: One day I had my son drive me to the local grocery store just to pick up some fresh milk, and I was very, very weak. I couldn't drive the car. I had trouble walking. I was holding onto the buggy for support and the manager of the grocery store, he knew me because I used to shop there regularly, he came over to me and he said, "Yvonne, are you all right? You look like you're not feeling that well."

To watch the video and read the transcript of Yvonne’s 10-minute “army of angels” story, click here.

Jennifer Lynn’s Story

EXCERPT: So I taught for a year at this amazing school, these little kids, and I bonded with all of them — and then I got the news that I had been accepted to law school and decided to go that route. And this little boy, Jared, who was four years old at the time, he gave me a going-away gift...

To watch the video and read the transcript of Jennifer’s adorable 7-minute story, click here.

“Healing With Your Well & Unwell Ancestors” Facebook Live Q&A with Christina Pratt

Would you like to discover the originating ancestor with whom a particular issue or trauma began... and clear this energy pattern from your life and lineage? Shamanic healer, teacher, and author Christina Pratt will be leading a special Facebook Live Q&A call on Monday, September 30, at Noon Pacific to share how you can heal the unresolved wounds and narratives of your ancestors — to free yourself and your family of unhealthy patterns. Click here to get a Facebook Messenger reminder when the event goes live.

“Sacred Vibrational Frequencies” Facebook Live Q&A with Jonathan Goldman

Would you like to experience sacred frequencies — from humming to tuning fork “acupressure” — as powerful sound medicine for your whole-body and spiritual wellbeing? Jonathan Goldman, a master teacher in sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics, will be leading a special Facebook Live Q&A call on Thursday, October 3, at Noon Pacific to share how you can use vibrational modalities to shift your DNA, activate heart-brain coherence, calm and balance your nervous system, and heighten consciousness — to heal yourself and the planet. Click here to get a Facebook Messenger reminder when the event goes live.

Your Voice:

We want to know: How has the practice of Qigong improved your life? To share your thoughts in our Facebook Page community, click here.

Sheng Zhen
By Master Li, a featured speaker in the Qigong Global Summit

Sheng Zhen is found in the heart of every human being as a seed waiting to be watered and nourished. Once Sheng Zhen is experienced in the heart, it is seen everywhere. There is nowhere that it does not exist, for the very fabric of existence is Sheng Zhen.

Sheng Zhen translates as "sacred truth or “unconditional, selfless love.” When our qi cannot flow freely, its quality and quantity will gradually diminish and deteriorate. Over time, this can be experienced as fatigue, poor health, loss of focus, low motivation, depression, or anxiety. The natural state of being at ease and in harmony with one's surroundings becomes harder to maintain or even experience.

To read more, click here.

Make the International Day of Peace Meaningful Through the Culture of Peace
By Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury

In 1981, it was a proud moment for me, as a representative of Bangladesh, which became a full member of the United Nations only seven years before, to witness the declaration of the International Day of Peace (IDP) by the UN General Assembly. This declaration demonstrated that the UN was devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples.

Two decades later, in 2001, the General Assembly unanimously voted to designate the Day as a period of nonviolence and cease-fire. The Assembly invited all nations and peoples to honor a cessation of hostilities during the Day and also to commemorate the Day through education and public awareness on issues related to peace.

To read more, click here.

Tipping Point: Bill McKibben On A Planet In Peril
Interview by David Barsamian
Published in The Sun

Bill McKibben
© Nancie Battaglia

Climate change activist Bill McKibben: “We’ll know in ten or fifteen years if we acted fast enough. Probably we’ll have a good sense even earlier than that. I do know at this point that we’re going to put up a fight… I think humans as a species are in the process of finding out whether our big brains are a good adaptation or not. Clearly they can get us in a lot of trouble. Whether they can also get us out of trouble depends on the size of our hearts.”

To read more, click here.

On Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary: Namaste to “The Woodstock Guru.”
By Philip Goldberg
Published in Elephant Journal

We’re in the midst of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the event that came to define the 1960s counterculture, the Woodstock Festival. Watch for aging hippies waxing nostalgic about those three magical days, whether they were there or not, and for endless commentary on the historical, sociological, and cultural meaning of the festival. For my part, I want to commemorate one brief but highly significant moment that occurred in the opening hour, on August 15, 1969. It does not get the attention it deserves.

To read more, click here.

Two Powerful Qigong Videos
By Robert Peng, a featured speaker in the Qigong Global Summit

Enjoy these two brief videos from Qigong Master Robert Peng:

Scooping Universal Qi to Empower Our Wisdom, Love, and Vitality

Qigong Self-Massage for Beauty and Longevity

Click here to watch the videos.

“We Are Striking to Disrupt the System”: 
An Hour with 16-Year-Old Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

Presented by Democracy Now!

In her first extended broadcast interview in the United States, we spend the hour with Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist who has inspired millions across the globe. Last year she launched a school strike for the climate, skipping school every Friday to stand in front of the Swedish parliament, demanding action to prevent catastrophic climate change. Her protest spread, quickly going global. Hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren around the globe have participated in their own local school strikes for the climate. Since her strike began in 2018, Greta has become a leading figure in the climate justice movement.

Click here to watch the video.

Qigong Global Summit
Free Summit — September 24–27

Excitement is building for the Qigong Global Summit, a free online event held from September 24-27 hosted by filmmaker, author, and healer Sharron Rose. Register for free to hear some of the foremost teachers in the field — including Daisy Lee, Lee Holden, Dr. Effie Chow, Dr. Roger Jahnke, Master Mingtong Gu, Sifu Ama Lia Wai-Ching Lee, Master Li Junfeng, Robert Peng, Pedram Shojai, Bill and Angie Douglas, Dr. Paul Hannah, and others — share essential practices for elevating your flow of Qi for enhanced health and wellbeing. Please join us for deep insights into the practices of Qigong, Tai Chi, martial arts, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. See our full list of 30+ dynamic speakers and find out everything you need to know by clicking here.

Mantras for Peace: A Wisdom Gathering
Free Summit — September 21–25

This 5-day summit features 20 inspiring talks by global thought leaders dedicated to a vibrant future through both ancient and innovative subtle activism practices. 

With Lakota leader Cheryl Angel, Sanskrit scholar Svāmini Pramānanda, global yoga teacher Anand Mehrotra, Columbian Muisca elder Senacio Swaye, teacher and author Sādhvi Bhagavati Sarasvati, dynamic yoga teachers Tommy Rosen & Kia Miller, Advaita Vedanta Catholic priest Father Charles Ogada, NIMHANS Chief Scientist Dr. Hemant Bhargav, yoga and social justice activist Seane Corne, Mayan elder José Antionio Navarro Castillo, Ayurveda and Jyotish teacher Laura Plumb, spiritual teacher Svāmi Uttamānanda, MANTRA movie filmmaker Georgia Weiss, global yoga teacher and musician Saul David Raye, kīrtan artist Aleah Gandharvika, Shanti Mission founder Shakti Durga and more. For more information, click here.

Spiritual Heritage Education Network: Tenth Annual Reflective Conference
Renison University College, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario
September 28–29

This conference is designed to co-envision and co-create education in Unity in Diversity. Religions are many but their inner wisdom is one — and wisdom of science converges with it. This unifying wisdom of science and spirituality can bridge interfaith differences, build harmonious communities, and create collective will to work together for our common and planetary good. You are invited to participate in this working conference to interactively attempt a proposal for the consideration of educational governance for policy adoption. For information, click here.

Economic Democracy Advocates: Learn to Advocate for Change
Conference at Executive Inn & Suites on Oakland's waterfront
October 4–6

There is a pathway to a viable future. It involves returning the power for economic decisions and the management of our resources back to local democracies. EDA uses a powerful 3-step approach to develop your awareness and generate local advocacy for responsible governance of our vital resources. You will experience this intensive process during our weekend together! Join us in creating system change — one bioregion at a time. FREE Friday Event from 7:00-9:00pm to learn about "resource democracy." Click here for more information and to see the itinerary.

The 11th Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge (CPAK)
Newport Beach, California
October 4–6

This conference highlights the Yuga teachings of Sri Yukteswar, as described in the book, The Holy Science. CPAK features presentations by authors, scientists, and independent researchers exploring the ancient idea that consciousness and history move in a vast cycle of time with alternating Dark and Golden Ages. Plato called it “The Great Year.” This once-universal belief, since relegated to fairy tale, is finding increasing support in new interpretations of myth and folklore, discoveries of anomalous artifacts, revisions of archeological site dating, astronomical insights, linguistic studies, and new theories of consciousness. Please join us at CPAK to explore our rich and astonishingly beautiful history — and rediscover the wisdom of the ancients.

Can’t make it to the event? Register here to watch the CPAK live event broadcast from the comfort of your home.

Click here for more information and to register.
Click here to watch the CPAK trailer.
Click here to watch the stunning 46-minute movie, The Great Year, narrated by James Earl Jones.

Collective Trauma Online Summit: A 9-Day Global Online Event
Starts on October 12

Thomas Hübl is hosting the first-ever online event focused on healing collective trauma. The Collective Trauma Online Summit will feature free talks from 29 of the world’s leading psychotherapists, researchers, activists, and visionaries about how we can begin to heal intergenerational and collective trauma. Speakers include Peter Levine, PhD, Bessel van der Kolk, MD, Richard Schwartz, PhD, Gabor Maté, Otto Scharmer, Scilla Elworthy, Dan Siegel, MD; Terry Real; William Ury; Rev. angel Kyodo williams; Ken Wilber, and many more.

The Summit aims to advance understanding of the personal and social symptoms of collective trauma that have been passed down through generations and how we can get to the root of the conflicts that continue to divide people and nations. The Online Summit will kick off with a LIVE Global Healing Meditation on October 12. Registration is free. Sign up here to attend.

For several years, The Shift Network has hosted Indigenous leaders from around the world and invited them to share their sacred knowledge, rituals, and practices to guide us in a way of living that is sustainable, healthy, and just. We’re thus delighted that the Global Indigenous Wisdom Library makes this “virtual council” of leaders and their wisdom available for everyone, everywhere for free. The Global Indigenous Wisdom Library is a collection of audio and video interviews featuring Indigenous leaders from around the world sharing prayers, sacred songs, prophecies, spiritual teachings, and pathways to healing, as well as concrete examples for birthing a new era — one in which all members of the human family are treated with respect, understanding, compassion, and justice. This sacred wisdom is important medicine for us all.

The production of The Global Indigenous Wisdom Library is a gift from The Shift Network, designed to inspire, inform, and involve you by highlighting the voices and important messages of Indigenous leaders from around the world. We want to give a heartfelt thanks to Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. (“Brother Phil”) for his partnership in helping create this Indigenous Wisdom collection. And we thank all the speakers who have contributed to this body of knowledge. To discover more, click here.

If you would like to submit something to The Catalyst, please see the submission guidelines: click here.

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Sound Healing Through Humming & Tuning Forks — A free video event with Jonathan Goldman, a master teacher in sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics. Discover humming as a powerful non-pharmaceutical prescription that helps with stress levels, sleep, and blood pressure — and can even create new neural pathways in your brain. Saturday, September 28, at 10:00am

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Your BodyWise Path to Healing — With Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams, an author, speaker, and founder of the award-winning Santa Cruz Integrative Medicine Clinic. Receive proven practices to intuit the healing information your body is sending you — and live in “right relationship” with your body, other people, and nature. New 6-Week Live Video Training Starts Wednesday, September 25

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Immigrant Families Together

One summer day in 2018, Julie Schwietert Collazo listened to an interview on the radio that changed her life: She learned of a Guatemalan refugee who had been separated from her children at the US border. Without hesitation, she sprung into action and helped this mother reunite with her children in New York —  an incredible act of kindness that would end up inspiring thousands of people to join her fight for justice. Since that day, Julie has helped dozens of immigrant families find safety, happiness, and hope. In the photo above, Rosarya, is one of the 80 people whose bond was paid by Julie and her husband Francisco after she was detained at the U.S. border.

Click here for more information.
Click here to donate to Immigrant Families Together.

Alliance for Peacebuilding

The Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) is a nonpartisan network of 110+ organizations working in 153 countries to end conflict, reduce violence, and build sustainable peace. Our members include some of the world’s largest development organizations, most innovative academic institutions, and most influential humanitarian and faith-based groups. We build coalitions in key areas of strategy and policy to elevate the entire peacebuilding field, tackling issues too large for any one organization to address alone. Click here for more information.

Wake Up World

Wake Up World offers articles on a range of topics, from consciousness and meditative practices to energetic healing and the exploration of our 5-dimensional reality… to articles on environmental issues and humanity’s relationship with our Mother Earth… to articles on love, life and loss, relationships, and self-discovery, to help you heal your heart, empower your spirit, and live a life of conscious gratitude… to articles on health, home, society, science and tech, and more. Click here to visit their website.

Energy Medicine for Healthy Living

Energy Medicine for Healthy Living™ is a unique fusion of Eden Energy Medicine, Sound Healing, Oriental Medicine and other healing methods that Dr. Melanie Smith has cultivated over the past two decades to empower women to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Click here for more information.

Academy of Energy Healing

Courses include “Cosmic Transmission for the Emissaries of Light” (free), “Energy Healer Practitioner Certification,” and “The Golden Ray Initiations.”

Click here for more information.

Sadie Barnette
Artist who works primarily with drawing, photography, and large-scale installation

Whether in the form of drawing, photography or large-scale installation, Oakland native Sadie Barnette’s work relishes in the abstraction of city space and the transcendence of the mundane to the imaginative. She creates visual compositions that engage a hybrid aesthetic of minimalism and density, using text, glitter, family Polaroids, subculture codes and found objects. 

Her art addresses black life, personal histories, and the political through material explorations. Recent works engage as primary source material the 500-page FBI surveillance file kept on her father, Rodney Barnette, who founded the Compton, California, chapter of the Black Panther Party in 1968. In the artist’s hands these repressive documents are reclaimed — splashed with pink spray paint and adorned with crystals — in an intergenerational assertion of the power of the personal as political. 

Barnette’s work deals in the currency of the real, in earthly acts of celebration and resistance, but is also tethered to the other-worldly, a speculative fiction, a galactic escape. As the artist says, “This is abstraction in service of everyday magic and survival in America.”

For more information, click here

Sadie Barnette, from "Compland," Image Courtesy of Fort Gansevoort Gallery
From “My Father’s FBI File, Project 1,” 2016

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