Let's Make the Impossible Happen

By Albin Hagberg Medin

Dear Friends of Peace,

I would like to invite you on an impossible mission for this new year to come.

Since you have found your way here, I’m confident that I don’t have to tell you much about the state of the world.

You probably know already that the industrialized “civilizations” are consuming and destroying the Earth, consuming the very roots of life itself.

You probably know already that the 1 percent at the top in our “civilization” owns more than the remaining 99 percent of humanity.

You most certainly know that this is wrong. And yet, what can we do about it?

We "Westerners" debate endlessly about refugees, flight taxes, and plastic bags, and put our hope to the next technological invention. We shift our blame between the big corporations and the big nations as it suits our ideological predispositions.

And why shouldn’t we? Most of us have more urgent matters to take care of than a burning planet — our personal battles.

How can I make a living without being part of the same system that I’m trying to transform?

How can I find food that doesn’t ruin the soil, find a job that doesn’t ruin my soul? Or even worse, how can I find any food? Any work at all?

How can I find community in a culture that is obsessed with individuality?

How can I raise my family without having to watch it fall apart, see my children breaking down in school and painfully witness the cold distance growing between myself my partner — as we both struggle to maintain sanity in an insane world?

And how can I, in my own personal chaos, find the energy to devote myself to the bigger struggle, the struggle for life on Earth, for peace and equality?

The immortal struggle which people have fought, argued and died for since the dawn of humankind.

This is my invitation to you my friend. To rise this invisible herald for our struggle and to rise it high wherever you go.

My invitation is to step into your calling. If you’ve read this far, it's quite likely that you are and I are cut from the same cloth.

We are the vanguard. The vanguard, the ones in the front of a global movement, no, a global army. Armed with plows instead of swords, with songs instead of guns, and flowers instead of tanks.

Just because the hippies lost the battle didn't mean that the battle is over. Far from it. In 1968, they said no to the Vietnam war and won. They were the vanguards as well. And now we find ourselves in similar shoes. Asking the same questions.

How can we fight?

How can we succeed in battling the empire of oil, of guns, and greed? The empire of corrupted hearts and broken souls.

When so many have failed before… so many revolutions that began with good intentions and dreams of a better world. France killed their king but got Napoleon instead. Russia switched their Tsar for Stalin.

And how can we fight a system that is rigged against us on every level? Laws made to protect the rich, laws to ensure that the cancerous growth of the economy keeps growing. Laws to prevent crowds to gather, laws to keep people in school, at work, laws and norms to keep people doing "business as usual" in a world set aflame.

Fight all of this without using violence?

Without resorting to the same means as our enemy, the means of oppression, of abuse, bullying, stigmatization, fearmongering, shame, and guilt.

I know one weapon available to us.

Our sincerity. Dare to remember our dreams, in a world where so many have forgotten theirs. Dreams of something different. Something beautiful. Sustainable. Joyful. Alive.

But in a world darkened by cynicism, a world full of distractions and vanity, how could this spark of sincerity, of genuine and good intentions make any difference?

I think you know. I think you have already noticed the difference you are making, everywhere you go, when you remember your own dream. When you dare to draw a deep breath that is full of hope.

Yet... we are so fractured! Some struggle for human rights, other for the rights of animals, some for gender equality or racial equality. Other struggle for water, for the forests, for the poor, for the hungry, for the homeless.

How can we come together? With our different gods, organizations, countries, priorities, and beliefs?

I think we only need to look down on our feet and wait, wait until it dawns on us — we are always standing on the same ground, the same Earth.

In our differences lies our power…

The enemy, the shadows of our society, cannot deal with such a resistance.

We have already infiltrated most parts of society. We are many. And more will come. Every day someone breaks down inside the machinery, our ranks grow bigger.

Maybe the time has come for what Martin Luther King spoke about in his speeches. The rediscovery of lost moral values. A time for us to dare to ask and know what is right in our heart rather than asking the authorities.

Not to mindlessly follow what our ideology, or religion says, but to contemplate and lead by our own example.

A time to smile in the face of despair.

Where genuine joy is an expression of rebellion.

A time to grow real food again. Grow real friendships. Build businesses that regenerate rather than exhaust, businesses that outlast our children.

I think now is the time.

Some call this naivety. I call it hope. Radical hope, hope in the face of impossible odds.

Hope that we will see a bigger financial crisis, one that mirrors the ecological and moral crisis we are the midst of.

Hope for change. For a systemic change. For change in my own life, in your life, for all of us, change to the better. A transformation, from this now, to the dream and paradise life on Earth will be, when we dare to truly care for each other again.

I want to invite you my friend, wherever you are on this beautiful planet, to remember what we are up against. To remember those who walked before us.

This is an invitation to carry your herald high in the new year and sail the storms of uncertainty with courage and determination. To work for regeneration in a culture that pays best for destruction.

And it is an invitation to connect.

Our most powerful technology is not the nuclear bomb, it's the device you are likely holding in your hand right now.

We can communicate instantly, all across the planet.

Let's use that for our benefit, for the benefit of all beings.

So please, tell me, where is your battle taking place?

How is it connected to the greater struggle?

How can we support you?

Let's make the impossible happen. Just like it has before.

Albin Hagberg Medin, World Peace Mediator, is a former physicist who turned his mind and heart towards humanity’s goal of world peace after a series of inner shifts. In 2016 he began a peace pilgrimage by foot through Central Europe, passing through several countries and talking about peace with everyone he met.

After the culmination of the 4,000-km peace-walk through Europe, Albin co-founded the nonprofit organization Ways to World Peace. The organization builds upon the belief that there are as many ways to world peace as there are humans on Earth. To support humanity to create a peaceful world, Albin and his team launched a new cellphone game in which players complete quests by changing their everyday behavior in small ways that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. For more information, click here — and let’s play to create Peace on Earth by 2030!

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This article appears in: 2019 Catalyst, Issue 1: Winter of Wellness