The Healing Power of Music

By Professor Jeralyn Glass

Music is Love in search of a word.
— Sidney Lanier

I cannot remember a time in my life without music. Music wrapped me in a blanket of safety and love. Music was home. It was connection. Singing was creativity and joy. I knew at the age of four that my life would be spent in the field of music.

My parents grew up in Brooklyn, fell in love at an early age, married and moved to California. My dad had lost his father when he was 10, maturing out of necessity, determined at a young age to learn skills to be able to take care of his family. He chose accounting. He attended NYU at age 16 and graduated at age 19. When my mom was little, she sang on the radio in New York. I followed in her footsteps. When I was in the 6th grade, I was given a solo to sing and people remarked to my parents that I should receive training.

At that time there was no “America’s Got Talent” or “The Voice,” so my mom brought me to a neighbor who was a well-known singer and teacher (she is almost 99 and still sings beautifully!). I began voice lessons and my life was forever changed. I am grateful to my parents for their encouragement to follow my dreams. My parents taught me this practical advice which has shaped my life as a person, an artist, a teacher, and a visionary:

Do what you love, love what you do! Work at doing it well. Be willing to work hard and commit to excellence. Allow yourself to dream. Have courage to follow your dreams. Do a reality check with yourself.

What is the price you have to pay to achieve that dream? Ask yourself honestly, “Am I willing to pay that price?” If your answer is “yes,” go after it with everything you are. If the answer is “no,” choose again.

My dad always said, “Have infectious enthusiasm. Be persistent. Don’t ever give up!” My mom would say, “Be flexible and open to what life offers. Be true to your inner voice. Follow your intuition.”

These were the thoughts I held in my heart as I ventured across the country to New York City to make my dream to sing on Broadway come true. Within a few months I landed a National Tour and a Broadway contract. The musical star Barbara Cook wrote, “If you’re able to be yourself, then you have no competition. All you have to do is get closer and closer to that essence.” My life has been a conscious choice to embrace my authentic self as I continue to awaken and grow. I’ve never had a plan B.

From Broadway performer to International opera singer, singing for world leaders, performing the National Anthem for over 18,000 people, creating and running a successful Children’s Foundation in Germany, and becoming a Professor, I have been blessed to do what I love and to give back through doing what I love. A fulfilling circle.

However, life as I knew it came to a crashing halt in March 2015 with the sudden passing of my only child, my beloved son at age 19. My world was shaken to its core. Nothing made sense anymore, and everything I believed about life was in question. Music, the language I knew so well, would become my healing medicine, my way through an unfathomable darkness, Never had I imagined that one day music and sound vibration would serve as my emotional stability and carry me through the darkest time of my life.

On the night my son crossed over, I walked to the beach and looked up at the night sky only to see a vibrant shooting star spin across the Los Angeles basin. The city lights are so bright that although I grew up in Los Angeles, I’d never seen a shooting star. But on this night the star blazed across the heavens, seeming to originate from right above our family home, crossing over the Pacific Ocean, arcing over the City of Angels in a huge upside-down smile. I could hear my son Dylan’s voice: "Mom, I made it, I’m home, it’s like we always talked about, I’m with God!” He was 6’3” and 230 pounds. A track and field athlete, a ski racer, and football player. The voice was loud and unmistakable in my head, as if a laser cut through me, slashing the numbness of the shock and grief.

Dylan was born and raised in Germany. We had a bedtime ritual when he was young where we prayed and talked about the Cosmos. He loved physics and philosophy. I would say “I love you as big as Lake Starnberg.” He would say, “I love you as big as the Alps.” I would say, “I love you as big as the stars.” He would say, “I love you as big as all the planets.” I would say, “I love you as big as the Universe.” He would answer, “Mommy, I love you as big as God, and there is nothing bigger than that.” Whispers of our Soul Contract.

Although he has left this physical plane, Dylan sends signs and communicates regularly. We work together, bringing comfort, peace, and healing through crystal alchemy music, frequency, and vibration. He has taught me that I am Spirit, Light, and Love in a human body. He guided me into the world of energy medicine and sound healing, and all these expressions...

Creating The Sacred Science of Sound™, an educational and training platform... becoming an online interviewer, producer, and presenter... pioneering a new genre of music infused with the healing sounds of crystal alchemy singing bowls... mentoring musicians and sound healers to express their essence through the crystalline sound, and helping cancer, hospice, and Alzheimer’s patients and their families with the healing power of music. My grief transforms through this vibrational communication with Dylan to profound understanding, clarity, and joy.

How did emotional healing happen for me? What is the science behind my journey to wholeness? The willingness to feel. To embrace what is. To be vulnerable and to serve others in the face of deep despair. The combination of the exquisite and profound tones of the alchemy singing bowls and the mentoring in Bioenergetics under the unwavering guidance of Dr. Sue Morter, taught me to create a way to feel the immensity of the feelings and transform my grief to acceptance, embodiment, integration, and love. Joy and Inspiration deeper than I ever imagined birthed as a by-product of that willingness... and healing happened.

Along the transformative journey I would say to my mom, “Mom, what has become of me, a serious classical musician, now communicating with her child in heaven, playing crystal singing bowls? Strange!” We would laugh and she would assure me I was not weird!

There is a need for sound as a powerful healing component in today’s world. Now more than ever. Sound medicine is an ancient modality used in almost every culture since the beginning of time, from the Aborigines, to the ancient Egyptians, to Sacred India, to South American shamans, and beyond. Dylan continues to show me that sound vibration immerses us in the place of the ineffable, even beyond where words, touch, and medicines can go.

No matter where I play or teach, including all that transitioned to virtual this past year, be it a Shift Network course, a Science and Spirituality event, concert, crystal alchemy meditation, a workshop or certification... whether with cancer patients, executives from the tech industry, doctors, students, or children... people are responding to crystal alchemy music. I am privileged to witness lives change and potent, sustainable transformation occur. Some I meet only once, some I see regularly.

Just as it has done in my own life, I thrill how sacred sound creates safety for blocked feelings and trapped pain to release. My students are changing their own lives and the lives of those around them. I am honored to steward this pioneering of crystal alchemy music reaching thousands of people as we create community through The Sacred Science of Sound. My personal sadness continues to transmute as this movement activates and grows stronger every day.

I envision high-vibrational alchemy music as a powerful natural “medicine” available for everyone around the globe. Our YouTube channel Crystal Cadence makes this possible. We offer many meditations and songs, plus a new series of free Alchemy Sound Healing Loops to integrate in your daily life. Remember the power of your own voice to heal.

As my dear friends Jonathan and Andi Goldman teach in The Humming Effect, I too envision people understanding and using conscious humming to help with stress, sleep, blood pressure, and more, building new neural pathways in the brain. Whatever sound you use, please remember to cultivate the vibration of love in your body daily.

Click here to listen to Jeralyn sing "Senza Mamma" from Giacomo Puccini’s opera, “Suor Angelica,” scored for strings and crystal alchemy singing bowls. This still from the video features Jeralyn and her son Dylan.

In the premiere season of the Sacred Science of Sound virtual series, running on Saturdays at 1:00pm Pacific, today's science and the power of music melts with the ancient wisdom of sound healing and bioenergetics. To find out more, click here.

Jeralyn Glass, an internationally known singer, professor, sound-healing practitioner, and crystal singing bowl master alchemist, has performed on Broadway, in opera, and on concert stages around the world. Her personal alchemy of classical music, meditation, and high vibrational sound creates a unique presence.
The course of her life shifted dramatically six years ago with the loss of her only child. Sound became the path for her own healing and inspired her active participation with the Cancer Support Community and Maria Shriver’s Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. Passionate about music and sound as tools of self-discovery and healing, Jeralyn founded Crystal Cadence, home of the Los Angeles Crystal Tones Singing Bowl Temple, where she also offers The Sacred Science of Sound™ crystal alchemy sound-healing trainings, crystal alchemy singing bowl consultations, mentorships, and transformational voice.

She was the keynote presenter at the National Convention of The Compassionate Friends, and has performed her high vibrational music for New Thought heavyweights Marianne Williamson, Gregg Braden, Anita Moorjani, Lee Harris, Marci Shimoff, and Dr. Sue Morter. She sang the national anthem for over 18,000 people in her hometown of Los Angeles, and has written and sung tributes to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the late Kobe Bryant, as well as for German and French presidents.

Jeralyn opened the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo with the late Barbara Marx Hubbard and presented her concert, “Forever Love,” at the Science and Spirituality Conference in Canada. She presented her new album, Vibrance, an innovative combination of classic and original songs, crystal alchemy singing bowls, and spoken meditation held in a new age, jazz-influenced musical container at the sold-out Scientists, Mystics & Sages Conference alongside Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, and Joe Dispenza. Jeralyn works regularly as a musician and sound-healing practitioner at Kamalaya, the Condé Nast Gold Wellness Sanctuary in Thailand.

Jeralyn was honored to be among the more than 35 experts in The Shift Network’s Sound Healing Summit in 2019 and 2020. Her courses on The Shift Network are uplifting lives around the world. Jeralyn’s unique music is available on the Crystal Cadence website, on all streaming platforms, and on the Crystal Cadence YouTube channel.

Her popular series and educational platform, Sacred Science of Sound, features conversations and performances offering leading-edge information on vibrational medicine, bioenergetics, and the healing power of music.

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