A Personal Invitation to the Science of Healing Summit (February 28 – March 4)



Our third annual Science of Healing Summit, hosted by Dr. Shamini Jain and Dr. Paul Mills, takes place February 28 – March 4.

Imagine the inner power you could unleash by integrating the latest evidence-based tools for whole-body healing into your preventive routine!

After two years of persistent strain on your immune system, nervous system, and spirit, now is the time to tap into the energy and inspiration of a global scientific community as it unveils life-changing, evidence-based treatments and practices based on the healing power of the mind-body connection.

Be prepared for this powerful synthesis of inner and outer knowledge and wisdom to shift your perspective on the potential and the very meaning of healing.

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Dr. Shamini Jain: Hi, I'm Dr. Shamini Jain, founder and CEO of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative.

Dr. Paul Mills: Hello, my name's Paul Mills. I'm a professor at the University of California, San Diego, and also director of research at the Deepak Chopra Foundation.

Shamini Jain: We are so thrilled to invite you to a one-of-a-kind and amazing Science of Healing Summit, which is a collaboration with The Shift Network and the Consciousness and Healing Initiative. We're so excited to dive into all of the ways that we can uplevel whole-person health. And Paul, I know that you agree with me that this is probably the best summit we've ever done.

Paul Mills: I'm in full agreement for a host of reasons. Why don't you start off and share some of those reasons with us, Shamini.

Shamini Jain: Well, not only are we covering all of these different aspects of whole-person health, which include the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual with leaders in healing science, as well as healing practice. That's pretty amazing. But this year we're really being able to expand with not just one-on-one in-depth intimate conversations, which we often do, but we have one -f-a-kind talks from our community leaders, Shift Talks, that are really moving the needle and upleveling our knowledge base of the science of healing, which is incredible. 

And as you know, Paul, the amount of depth and beauty that we have in terms of the breadth of what we're covering, we have panels and psychedelics, biofield healing, mental and emotional wellbeing, so many different aspects of whole-person health that we're covering in this summit with leaders. It's amazing.

Paul Mills: Indeed, you mentioned some of the in-depth talks. In one of those talks, Deepak Chopra will be sharing with us much of his own life story, his life biography. The lessons learned, some of the deep, let's say existential insights he had as a young child which guided him and led him to become the great spiritual teacher and proponent of integrative medicine and consciousness studies and our own self-healing.

Shamini Jain: How privileged we are to learn from pioneers, like Deepak and so many more who are joining us at the summit, including Bruce Lipton. He'll be talking about the Honeymoon Effect and relationship and wellbeing. And Gregg Braden, who is talking about the power of sacred sound, and so many more. We have researchers at major universities as well as well-known leaders in the healing space, all sharing their hearts and minds with us. It's just incredible.

Paul Mills: Indeed, and this includes Shift favorite Eileen McKusick, who'll be speaking about more recent discoveries on biofield healing and her biofield tuning work. We have Dr. Helané Wahbeh at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, speaking on her research on the topic of channeling.

Shamini Jain: Yeah, absolutely incredible. So, we hope you will join us. It's going to be an amazing gathering of hearts, minds, and souls, and we're going to learn so much from each other. We hope to see you there.

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This article appears in: 2022 Catalyst, Issue 4: Science of Healing Summit