A Personal Invitation to the Psychedelic Healing Summit (April 28 – May 1)
From Your Host, Dream Mullick



Our inaugural Psychedelic Healing Summit, hosted by Dream Mullick, the founder of Entheowheel, takes place April 28 – May 1.

As recent clinical studies have shown, psychedelic medicines have high levels of efficacy when paired with treatments like therapy in treating depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), addiction, and a range of other challenges.

Many people around the world are exploring bridging therapeutic modalities and treatments with expanded states of consciousness to clear shame and heal personal, ancestral, and collective trauma.

You’ll experience full days dedicated to the history and science behind psychedelic healing… fundamentals for the responsible use of sacred plants and psychedelics across traditions…

… a range of deep transformational practices and sacred rituals across lineages and ancestral heritages… and an exploration of the role of sacred plants and psychedelics in dreams, breathwork, meditation, movement, and more as you discover tools for integrating your experiences into your daily life. 

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Greetings and blessings everyone. My name is Dream Mullick and I am the host of the Psychedelic Healing Summit. And I'd love to invite you all to join us on this incredible adventure. It's four days of beautiful talks and conversations, practices, and ceremonies. We'll be weaving together and bridging the worlds of ancient ceremony and modern Western science in conversation around psychedelics and healing plants.

You'll hear about microdosing with Xochitl Ashe and Laura Dawn. You'll listen to the grandmothers have conversations and weave together, Grandmother Flordemayo and Jyoti. You'll hear Dennis McKenna and Paul Stamets talk about how these cosmic explorers, these psychonauts are exploring the past and the present to help us create a more resilient future. 

And I couldn't be more honored and grateful to invite you all to join us because this is such a powerful time, such a powerful time on our planet. And it's time for us all to come together and experience the blessings of sacred plants and psychedelics and the ways that these powerful medicines can help support us in becoming more resilient, becoming more embodied, and creating together, co-creating a more beautiful future.

So thank you so much. I'd love to invite you. Look forward to being with you and many blessings.

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This article appears in: 2022 Catalyst, Issue 7: Psychedelic Healing Summit