Dr. Melanie Smith answers the question:

What is the nicest thing a non-family member has ever done for you?



Wow. That is such a great question and one that we should all really ponder. And when I even think about that, I can say I feel very fortunate and grateful that a lot of people have done some really, really nice things for me. But what comes to me that’s most paramount is going back to an early time in my life. 

I was a senior in high school and I can remember vividly, I was literally a couple of months or so away from graduating, being stopped in the middle of the hallway by the high school guidance counselor. His name was Andy Wilkerson and he was a nice guy. I knew him well. And he said, “Melanie, how come your name is not on this list?” And I said, “What kind of list?” And he said, “It’s the SAT and ACT list.” And I said, “Well, first of all, I don’t even know what that is or why my name would be on the list.” And he said, “It’s the college entrance exams.”

And I said, “Well, my name's not on the list because I don't really have a college path. There's no way my family financially could afford to send me to school.” I love school. My entire life I've loved school. I'm a student for life. I always made A's, I graduated in the top of my class without efforting, and so I feel very fortunate with that. But no one in my immediate family had ever gone to college. I have one aunt who was older than my mother who went to college and that was it. There was no one in my family that I’m aware of that was college educated.

So when he stopped me and asked me, I didn't even see there was a possibility. And he said, “Oh.” He said, “You know what? I'm putting your name on the list. Here’s where I want you to go. Here’s what time I want you to show up. Just go take the test and then we’ll talk about it and we’ll figure it all out.” I was like, “Okay.” So what's interesting in retrospect as I’m even sharing this with you is these days kids start studying for the ACT test when they’re in junior high and high school and prepping and you got to get a high score and all of that. There was no prepping. I showed up. I took the test. Obviously I did very well. I don't even know... I have no recollection of what my scores even were. It just wasn’t talked about in any way.

And so I had the conversation with him and he said, “You did great on the scores.” He said, “We’ll be able to get you scholarships, apply for grants. Here’s paperwork. I need you to start filling this out.” And the second person involved in this triangle was my high school business education teacher. Her name’s Mrs. Carolyn Wrinkle. She had really guided me for the past four years and I had a great skill set. I knew I could go out and get a job, but she guided me also, they were kind of in cahoots I think is really what was happening, to step into going on to college. And so I did that. I got scholarships, I got grants. I worked. I did work study. And I went to college at what is now Missouri State University and I met the third person in this triangle. And her name was Dr. Neva Maddox and she was the department head of the business administration and business education department.

And same thing. She took me under her wing. These three people changed the trajectory of my life. They gave me a path that I didn’t know could even exist. They kept having me do special things and I ended up with an amazing skill set and incredible opportunities. And I had two jobs before I graduated from college, was able to negotiate a contract, and was in the computer consulting profession when nobody was; before personal computers were around, cell phones were around, what have you. So I feel so fortunate to have had this guidance and support from these three amazing people. And I’ve had the opportunity to tell them. And I told one of them again just a few weeks ago how much I appreciated them and their support.

So if you have a special someone, a special teacher, I hope you have an opportunity to let them know how they changed your life. And I want to just send a shout-out to all the teachers and counselors and everyone who’s helping to make a difference in some kid’s life and looking for that trajectory. Forever grateful. 

Dr. Melanie Smith, AP, DOM, EEM-AP, is recognized as one of the most powerful energy medicine teachers of our time. She is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, and senior faculty for Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Certification Program in the U.S. and United Kingdom.

Over 25 years ago, Melanie sustained a serious injury. When Western medicine could not improve her condition, she turned to alternative medicine and fully recovered. As a result, she changed careers and has since dedicated her life to empowering people to transform their lives by connecting with their own inner healer through the power of energy medicine. She's known for her ability to help people heal complex health issues with her holistic approach, embodying a unique fusion of energy medicine, sound healing, acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, nutrition, energy psychology, and therapeutic bodywork. 

Passionate about inspiring others to learn, grow, and heal, Dr. Melanie has created multiple Energy Medicine for Healthy Living™ resources to make it possible for individuals around the world to learn energy medicine. She is co-author of Energy Medicine: Your Personal Health and Wellness System for Today, and author of the Energy Medicine for Healthy Living™ Online Courses and Charts series.

Dr. Melanie has provided energy consultations to patients in more than 40 countries, taught workshops on four continents, and treated thousands of patients in her practice, Well Within Natural Medicine, Inc., located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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This article appears in: 2022 Catalyst, Issue 5: Qigong Global Summit