Why Be a Medium?

By Michael Mayo

“Why be a medium?” That’s the question I posed to a mediumship development circle of mine. “What draws you to mediumship? Why take time and energy out of your life to learn this skill? What do you want to do with it?” We went around the circle, one by one, introducing ourselves to the group and sharing the answer to these rather personal questions. 

The first person shared their story of being drawn to it at a very young age and how they’ve always had an interest in the subject. The next one discussed the desire to help people. Another expressed that she always felt like an outcast or not fitting into the “regular world” and not being understood, to which several of the participants nodded their heads in agreement. Others discussed having unexplainable experiences when they were younger for which they were searching to find the answers. “That’s a hard one” puzzled another, “I think my reasons have changed over time. I think right now, it just makes me feel good.” Around the circle we went, each of the 15 or so participants shared their stories and experiences — some even welling up with emotions as they spoke.

What amazed me about this group was that they all spoke so openly, honestly, and from the heart. This mattered to them- it carried weight, and we couldn’t help but feel the power in these stories. Emotions of understanding, harmony, and support for one another permeated the space, and by the end of the introductions, everyone was feeling uplifted, connected, and harmonious. The perfect conditions for connecting with Spirit, of course! But more than that, I had an opportunity to hear the common themes among those who are drawn or called to the path of mediumship.

To many, mediumship offered a clear and evidential way of connecting with something greater than themselves. Some call that god/source/universe- I call it Great Spirit — whatever name it is given, there seemed to be an innate desire to personally know this source that was greater than the self. The participants described how mediumship allowed one to not just have faith in their connection to Spirit, but rather have real, tangible experience of its reality.

Along with this theme, mediumship provided people with the evidence that life continues on beyond the doorway we call death. I find that the loss of a loved one is the most common reason that people begin to give mediumship a serious look. In their grief, they search for answers and begin to question, “Where do we go after this? Does this consciousness live on beyond death- not in some airy, fairy, cloudy heaven, but in a more immediate, and present time reality?” 

For many of the participants, mediumship offered not only answers, but evidence to support them.

Community was another commonly cited reason for having an interest in mediumship — particularly, our ongoing circle. One of the core tenets of any mediumship development circle is the rule that harmony among participants is paramount. Through this harmony and love, the correct conditions are created for Spirit to easily come forward and connect with us. The byproduct of this is that those who are in circle together each week are building a sense of connection, camaraderie and friendship with one another. For many that felt outcast or like they didn’t fit in the regular world, these kinds of groups made them feel understood, recognized, and part of something meaningful. 

Lastly, the desire to help and uplift others was the most cited reason for wanting to develop mediumship. “It would just feel so fulfilling to be able to help people out of their grief and bring comfort” was a sentiment that was shared several times. And I think that this is the most meaningful of the bunch. Without the desire to help or facilitate healing, what’s the point of mediumship? If it’s not healing, then it’s just a party trick as far as I’m concerned. 

Perhaps you yourself are thinking about developing your own mediumistic or psychic awareness. It is important to understand the “why” of your development first. Coming from a heart-centered place of service is a great start. The next step would be understanding yourself. How can we expect to understand the other world and how we relate to it if we do not understand ourselves? Lastly, finding a development group under the guidance of a developed medium is essential.

If you feel the calling, embrace the journey of your spiritual unfoldment with patience, trust, and compassion.

Michael Mayo is an internationally trained medium, astrologer, and spiritual teacher. Having developed his mediumship in the United Kingdom under mediums such as Gordon Smith and Eileen Davies, he brings a practical, grounded, and evidential style to his spiritual work. With his passion for teaching and helping others discover their own unique spiritual connection, he has taught and studied in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. 

He provides a safe, positive, and supportive environment for each person that comes to his mediumship development circles, both small and large. Throughout his 15 years of working with the Spirit World, he has demonstrated his ability to connect with departed loved ones in both public demonstrations and private sittings. By bringing messages of love and hope from the Spirit world, his mission is to show that we, like love, are eternal.

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This article appears in: 2020 Catalyst, Issue 23: Beyond the Veil Summit