A Personal Invitation to the July 7-10 Shamanism Summit From Your Hosts, Michael Stone and HeatherAsh Amara



This year’s Shamanism Summit, hosted by shamanic practitioner Michael Stone and author HeatherAsh Amara, takes place July 7-10.

This FREE summit features a global gathering of shamanic practitioners and leading contemporary mystics who will be surfacing the wisdom of our elders, mystics, and earth custodians during these times of global transformation and rebirth.

In this life-enhancing gathering, you’ll find a clear pathway through the turbulence and confusion of our present world — and discover the deeper states of unity, sacred connection, and heart-healing that are available to you.

You’ll receive leading-edge practices and tools to reconnect to ancient medicine paths, get grounded in your unique purpose at this time, and be of greater service.

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Michael Stone: Greetings, this is Michael Stone. And I have been for the past six years the host of the Shamanism Summit. And I am very excited this year to not only have expanded the scope of the summit to include many other people that you would normally not think of in the shamanic realm, but I've brought my favorite warrior goddess, HeatherAsh Amara, to be my co-host this year. And I just want you to take in her beauty and her brilliance. And this is HeatherAsh Amara.

HeatherAsh Amara: Thanks so much, Michael. It's such an honor to get to co-host the 2020 Shamanism Summit with you, and to bring in all these incredible voices to help us navigate this time. Our theme for this year is invoking our elders, mystics, and ancient wisdom keepers in challenging times. And as we navigate so much of the upset and hurt that's coming through, as we navigate both the pandemic and really honor Black Lives Matter at this time, we need our elders. We need the voices of the ones that have come before us, the ancestors, and also the ones that have lived through similar times before.

So I'm bringing in this year Yeye Luisah Teish and her incredible ancestral wisdom. She lived through the civil rights movement and is now helping us to navigate these times, Lyla June, who is an Indigenous native woman, and Tanaya Winder, and Great-grandmother Mary Lyons, who is an incredible wisdom keeper. Those are just a few. Banafsheh Sayyad… you know it's a good session when the person that's helping host it cries after the session is over. So there's many, many other people. I know Michael has also brought in some incredible wisdom as well this year.

Michael Stone: And it's true. And we've expanded the context, as I said. So we really have brought in many different earth-based spirituality kinds of people to really look at, well, as Ash said, the ancestors. So we're looking at the resilience and what the ancestors bring. So we have Mandaza, from Zimbabwe talking about his lineage. We've got Andrew Harvey coming, who is the most passionate person I know talking about sacred activism, 

Daniel Foor, who's also a specialist in ancestral medicine, but he has a particular take. And you want to hear his conversation about cultural appropriation. He's a white man trained in a black tradition and he is amazing — his ability to speak to colonialism and the 400 years of subjugation and how that has affected the culture that we now live in. 

We also have Bhola Nath Banstola from Nepal, and Kristoffer Hughes is part of it this year — we had to bring a Druid in to really bring things together, and many, many more people. So I really hope that you join HeatherAsh Amara and I, and take in these amazing people that we're bringing to you this year.

Michael Stone is a spiritual author, mentor, shamanic practitioner, radio host, producer, and integration facilitator who co-creates individual and group environments and experiences that support people in transcending the myth of separation, and in experiencing deep and profound interconnection with others and all of life. He has been teaching and leading experiential events, classes, teleseminars, and workshops on Organizational Development, Embodied Shamanism, Moving Meditation, Personal Growth, and Spiritual Fulfillment for over 40 years.

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HeatherAsh Amara is the author of the bestselling Warrior Goddess Training series, The Seven Secrets to Happy and Healthy Relationships with don Miguel Ruiz Jr., and The Warrior Heart Practice. She is dedicated to inspiring depth, creativity, and joy by sharing the most potent tools from a variety of world traditions. HeatherAsh studied and taught extensively with don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, and continues to teach with the Ruiz family.

Raised in Southeast Asia, HeatherAsh has traveled the world from childhood and is continually inspired by the diversity and beauty of human expression and experience. She brings this open-hearted, inclusive worldview to her writings and teachings, which are a rich blend of Toltec wisdom, European shamanism, and Buddhism.

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This article appears in: 2020 Catalyst, Issue 15: Shamanism Summit