A Personal Invitation to the August 3-7 Sound Healing Summit From Your Host, Alec Sims



Our annual Sound Healing Summit, hosted by Alec Sims, takes place August 3-7.

This FREE summit will give you unparalleled access to a gathering of diverse sound-healing pioneers and practitioners, who will be sharing scientific findings and leading-edge techniques.

Be prepared to explore the curative and evolutionary powers of proven sound-healing therapies. You’ll discover that humming, toning, chanting, and many other sound-healing modalities used as daily self-soothing practices can diminish stress, lower your heart rate, and help you sleep better. 

Whether you want to discover the ideal daily sound-healing practice for you, tap into the acoustical energies of the biofield, or engage in the alchemy of crystal singing bowls, sound-healing methodologies can further awaken your consciousness.

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Hello everyone. My name is Alec Sims, and I'm here to invite you to the 2020 Sound Healing Summit. It's been my honor and pleasure to interview over 35 of the top voices in the sound-healing field. So now I'm excited to share this full summit event with you. We have a generous gathering of different sound-healing practitioners and teachers and researchers and musicians — all coming your way to share many different perspectives on the therapeutic and transformative aspects of sound, music, voice, and vibration. 

Sound healing is a vast field, and I truly believe that there's something in it for everyone. So as you tune into these sessions, it's my hope and belief that you'll find something that will spark your interest, and something that will inspire you to begin to take this journey into sound work yourself, and make sound healing a part of your own life.

Sound works on many levels. First, for personal benefits, in terms of enhanced wellness and wellbeing and personal empowerment, but then the next dimension, perhaps more importantly for these times, is how sound can be used to benefit others and enhance our relationships with others — first, in terms of enhanced, personal, one-on-one relationships, and then expanding out to benefit greater harmony in our community; then ultimately, out to the full global level, because we are all part of the global symphony. The lessons of sound healing teach us to tune the instruments of our own being so that we can continue to play our part in the greater harmony for the benefit of all. 

So to begin, to take the first step, all you have to do is register for free below. And welcome aboard, enjoy, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you into the world of sound.

Register for this free online event here.

Alec Sims has been involved with music and sound-related pursuits his whole life. Alec was a professional musician for many years before discovering the world of sound healing. He's worked with Jonathan Goldman’s Healing Sounds since 1998, was a core faculty member at the annual International Healing Sounds Intensive for 19 years, and has been the director of the Healing Sounds Correspondence Course since 2002. During that time, he has done personal consultation sessions with hundreds of students worldwide, offering instruction in vocal toning and harmonic overtone chant.

Alec is the author (with Joshua Goldman) of the acclaimed book Sound Healing for Beginners (from Llewellyn Worldwide). His harmonic overtone chanting is featured on many of Jonathan Goldman’s most popular CDs such as Ultimate Om, The Lost Chord, and The Divine Name: Sounds of the God Code. Alec lives in Boulder, Colorado where he continues to pursue music performance, vocal toning, and Sound Healing teachings.

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This article appears in: 2020 Catalyst, Issue 17: Sound Healing Summit