Illumination of the Shadow:
Healing With Inaudible Source Sounds

By Anthea Durand

Challenged by the pandemic? Are you finding the intensity of the challenges hard to handle? Allow yourself to dive deep into the shadow and the self to witness what the shadow has to teach you. This is the time for intense inner work.

The shadow allows the taking of responsibility to step up and change the shadow, which has been causing distortions in your energy field over many lifetimes. When we are ready to accept the shadow that exists within us we begin a process of healing by shining light on the shadow. This aids transformation and healing. The shadow is all around us. In this time of the pandemic, people are having to face their shadow whether they like it or not.

Illuminate the shadow

Illuminate your shadow, allow yourself to turn inwards and work on those aspects of the shadow that you have not wanted to look at for a long time. What is the energy that is taking you away from yourself, and creating barriers to you moving forward in your life? 

When we illuminate the shadow we are able to connect with the reason for the hindrances in our life, and the stories that may be behind these. These could be from present life or ancestral inheritance. When we illuminate the shadow we are bringing forward great wisdom from the past to help transform our life. Reflecting inwards is the key to awakening the power within which holds the possibility to a new way of living.

The Entity Mind

 During this time of living in the shadow of Covid- 19, negative thoughts are activated as we move through collective trauma, these are surfacing more and more as the archetype of the entity mind, this takes individuals away from their hearts. It manifests itself when we are disconnected from our environment and our heart.

 How much do you allow the mind to take over, particularly during the challenging times that we live in. Facing the shadow can bring many challenges, facing fear, insecurity, vulnerability and trauma.

The more energy we give to these thoughts, the more they create a dense energy form that clouds our existence, and they become more embedded within the self. We can begin to allow these to take control of our everyday existence.

The entity mind is a reflection of what society has created and what society has become, fragmented from the self. The entity mind when out of control operates in a way that has no regard for the self or others. It is restrictive as it is disconnected from the heart and creates great limitation if allowed to take over the behavior of the affected person. Connection to our internal guidance, via the positive mind and open heart, helps us to navigate and creates various possibilities, which helps to create a solution to a problem. The entity mind is a state that creates stagnation, and emotional turmoil.

How inaudible source sound can heal this

 There are source sounds, which are within everything. These are the sounds of creation that created everything. These sounds translate a script that has encoded information and a reconfiguring energy from its source aspect.

Source sounds contain the frequencies that restore balance and harmony. The cosmic song is full of various frequencies, which touch on all areas of life. We vibrate to the sounds all around us that we often cannot hear .The entity mind is weighed down by the negative energy of the negative thoughts contained within it. Vibrational codes within these source sounds are able to vibrate, heal and change all. Activating the sounds within, help to transmute and heal, and it is an energy that is available to learn and work with again.

We all can be antennae for these sounds that we normally cannot hear; we all have our own memory of how we can connect with these. We can call on these to reprogram our lives. This ability lies dormant until we restore memory on how we can use these again. I have the ability to manifest source sounds via my drum, and I work with these to help the earth and others.

4 Steps to heal your shadow during these times:

Step 1

Write down your negative thought forms, and the emotions connected to these that are affecting you at this time.

Step 2

Connect to a place in nature. Find a quiet spot and be open to the guidance of the earth. Take each negative thought and as you connect with it, be aware of where you feel the energy of this in your body. Work around these by creating the polar opposite for each negative thought. Allow each one to unveil its energy. As you meditate on each one where in the body do you feel this? This is its signature energy, and the energy of how it makes you feel in your body. 

Step 3

Connect to your heart and call in the inaudible source sounds of the universe that can heal, for example fear. Be open to receiving this energy, and trust that even though you may not hear these sounds that you have connected to them and be open to healing.

Step 4

After the healing processes, give thanks. Connect to the earth beneath you and allow yourself to be fully grounded when you return.


The energy of rebirth has started this year; it is running side by side the heaviness of humanity’s shadow. It is pushing to heal all the energetic distortions within us. We have all the tools within us. The use of sound is growing stronger throughout the planet. There is another level of sound that has always been available, the access to inaudible source sounds, and these will grow stronger too. Allow yourself to bring these forward here and to manifest these into this reality to create a new reality more aligned with the higher frequencies. Align with this opportunity to further your spiritual growth and healing. The Alchemist journey is the journey of turning the lead into gold; let the gold of your soul shine on the earth.

London-based Anthea Durand is a shamanic practitioner, alchemist, and nonfiction writer. She has travelled extensively all over the world training and spending time with Indigenous people in places such as Africa, Nepal, Guatemala, and Mexico, This experience led her to leave her corporate job, and to dedicate her life to helping humanity and the planet. A gifted channel, she channels pioneering work directly from the source, to aid humanity's evolution and healing. An authority and expert on ancestral healing, she holds regular meetings with prominent genetic scientists. The aim is to commission a scientific study in the future, using the theme of epigenetics to show the influence of ancestral healing on gene behaviour.

Anthea's recently published first book, Illumination of the Shadow: Ancestral Wisdom From the Past for the Future, is based on her pioneering ancestral healing work, which illuminates humanity’s shadow. She was guided to write this book for this time. An alchemist with a unique gift for sound, Anthea is able to manifest the sounds of the universe via her drum. Hearing these source sounds is healing, transformative, and helps others connect to the sounds of the universe, aiding individual and planetary evolution. She has recorded some of these sounds in her first album, Sounds are Awaking.

She teaches regular innovative workshops in London and abroad. Her work is ever-evolving along with the energies of the planet, and she is constantly birthing new work to help humanity.

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This article appears in: 2020 Catalyst, Issue 17: Sound Healing Summit