Dr. Linda Backman
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Linda Backman, licensed psychologist, has been in private practice for over 30 years. Linda’s degrees come from the University of Oregon, University of North Carolina, and Northern Arizona University. In addition, Linda has received training in numerous traditional and nontraditional techniques including hypnotherapy, between lives soul regression therapy, past life regression therapy, and shamanic soul retrieval. Linda has presented on numerous topics nationally and internationally for a number of years.

With the administrative coordination of her husband, Dr. Earl Backman, Linda provides individual regression sessions, training in past life and between lives regression, and workshops about soul purpose/progression, spirit guides, and moving through grief with spiritual understanding  — in Colorado, throughout the U.S., and abroad.

Linda’s passion is to work in concert with the psychospiritual realm, assisting individuals and couples on their paths. Helping people to move forward in their lives, while understanding the connection between our grounded reality and what is not seen, but is spirit-guided, is her greatest goal. Learning the lessons of current life, and moving forward, can assist each of us as individuals, and as a collective.

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