Dondi Dahlin
Energy Medicine Educator, Bestselling Author of "The Five Elements"

Dondi Dahlin is an award-winning author, speaker, and internationally acclaimed dancer, actress, and teacher. She grew up in both show business and energy medicine, and co-wrote The Little Book of Energy Medicine with her mother, Donna Eden.

 A longstanding member of the Screen Actors Guild, Dondi has performed in more than 30 countries, has appeared in over 100 commercials, and is a sought-after spokesperson. She started belly dancing professionally in 1989 and became a dancer to the stars, including Omar Sharif, Peter Fonda, and Jimmy Buffett. She was one of the original dancers on Miles Copeland’s infamous “Belly Dance Superstars,” which brought belly dance to the masses.

Dondi has received a variety of awards including Outstanding Speaker in the Nation, Belly Dancer of the Universe, plus numerous book awards for her international bestseller, The Five Elements. She has been teaching The Five Elements since 2001 and has been featured at Hay House, Mindvalley, ACEP, OMEGA, Feathered Pipe Ranch, and at prestigious events throughout North America and Europe.

Dondi homeschools her son and became a historical preservationist after fighting for two years to get her 1904 home historically designated by the city of San Diego. 

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