Sonia Choquette
NY Times Bestselling Author, Teacher of Six Sensory Wisdom

A third-generation intuitive and prolific writer, Sonia Choquette, has written books that have sold over a million copies worldwide, including her New York Times bestseller, The Answer Is Simple.... Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit.

In working with people for more than 32 years, Sonia insists that the sixth sense is natural to us all. Whether it’s those “hunches” or “feelings” or “vibes,” everyone has them; unfortunately, most people dismiss or ignore them and sadly miss the benefits.

With the onset of the changing world we now live in, Sonia emphasizes that using our intuition is no longer optional. Working with and strengthening our intuition is becoming more and more fundamental to our ability to live harmoniously with ourselves and others in the new world order.

Paying attention to the sixth sense, learning to listen, to trust it, and to train oneself to call on its guidance — these are the challenges facing six-sensory people trapped in a five-sensory culture.


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