Jane Hawley Stevens
The Divine Gardener, Herbalist and Founder Four Elements Organic Herbals

Jane Hawley Stevens is stepping out of the garden after 40 years of practicing meditation, herbalism, organic farming, and (recently) astrology to teach you the infinite wonders of Nature.

Jane and local talent plant, harvest, and create herbal wellness for her brand, Four

Elements Organic Herbals, from her 130-acre farm in Wisconsin. She and her husband, David, received the Organic Farmer of the Year award in 2020. Jane is a pioneer in organic farming and herbalist communities.

She spends her time gardening, hiking, biking, or skiing to be surrounded by the beauty and awe that can only be experienced outdoors. You can find her at night, gazing at the stars and planets with reverence for the opportunity to be an advocate for Nature and all of its wonderment.

Learn how to live in this magnificent matrix of healing and beauty from the Earth and Heavens, with the support systems, visible and invisible, that Nature offers.


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