Rose Moulin-Franco, LPF, CPC
Psychedelic Enterprise Executive & Founder of Moksha Journeys

Rose Moulin-Franco, LPF, CPC, the founder and Executive Director of Moksha Journeys in Ashland, Oregon, is a pioneer in legal psilocybin services. As one of the first licensed psilocybin facilitators under Oregon's new legal framework, her expertise spans various certifications, including Psilocybin Guide, Professional Coach, and Integral Consciousness Master Coach. 

With a background as an outpatient treatment center owner and psychotherapist, Rose has focused her career on using non-ordinary states of awareness to aid recovery from post-traumatic stress, substance use disorders, and other persistent challenges.

As the creator and Program Director of Bodhi Academy, Rose oversees a state-approved training program for psilocybin guides, emphasizing comprehensive care. She serves as faculty and lead practicum supervisor for the program’s 100+ hour practicum. 

Rose's expertise in post-traumatic stress, substance and alcohol recovery, and the ceremonial use of psychoactive plant medicines is widely recognized. She served on the Rules Advisory Committee at Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Psilocybin Services, giving input and advice on rules for Facilitator Conduct, Preparation, Administration, and Integration.

Her contributions also include a range of personal development and spiritual exploration courses, books, and video programs, particularly in the Western mystical traditions, through her non-profit Enlightened Life Sanctuary. Her extensive experience in India, learning from various lineage teachers and receiving empowerment to teach Tamil Siddha, Shakta Kaula Tantra, and Advaita, underscores her commitment to liberating human consciousness and establishing enlightened life on Earth.

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