Collette Corcoran
Teacher of the Feminine Mysteries & Founder of The Sacred Rose Temple BA,MA,PGCE

Collette Corcoran  is an international psychospiritual teacher of feminine mysteries through her mystery school The Sacred Rose Temple. She has devoted her life to a spiritual path by practicing, continually studying, and embodying womb wisdom, sacred sexuality, emotional healing, chakra and energy systems, mysticism, magic, clairvoyance, herbalism, druidism, shamanism, ancestral medicine, and somatic therapies — including 15+ years of modern and ancient yoga and training teachers in yoga programs she's curated. She's currently a Jungian psychology student, having embarked on Jungian certification and personal individuation as part of her personal growth path encompassing mind, body, and soul.

Collette is a druid priestess practicing as a bard at her own sacred grove in France. She has dedicated her life to empowering men and women in their healing journeys so they can transform and rebirth their lives more connected to nature, the self, and God. She's part of the faculty for Ubiquity University's Chartres Academy Mystery School where she weaves her priestess magick.


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