Karen Frances McCarthy
Spiritual Medium

Karen Frances McCarthy, MS CSNU, is an Irish spiritual medium, best-selling author, and teacher with an international private practice. In her spiritual practice, Karen seamlessly combines the mysticism of her Celtic upbringing with the evidence-based approach of Spiritualism and the presence of her Zen practice to deliver messages of joy, healing, and support from your loved ones in the spirit realm. Her best-selling books, private classes, and captivating public speaking engagements have touched the hearts of many, offering profound insights into spirituality, mediumship, and personal growth.

As an advocate of the ethical practice of mediumship, Karen's expertise is rooted in extensive training at the renowned Arthur Findlay College in England. Her dedication to the craft has earned her three prestigious Certificates of Recognition in mediumship, spiritual healing, and public speaking from the esteemed governing body, the Spiritualist National Union. She is currently a doctoral researcher at the renowned Russell Group University of Birmingham (UK), exploring the continuation of consciousness in contemporary literature.

Karen offers transformative mediumship services, sharing words left unsaid and messages of healing that can touch the heart and soul. With experience, compassion, and profound knowledge, she aims to guide others on a journey of spiritual growth, comfort, healing, and fulfillment.


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