Jean Else, MA
Chief Executive of the Mavis Pittilla-Authorized Teacher Training Program

Jean Else received a first-class education in mediumship from her wife of 24 years, world-renowned UK medium Mavis Pittilla. Having been a schoolteacher all her life, Jean was able to transfer her organizational and educational skills to work with Mavis to develop courses and programs that helped educate aspiring mediums. 

When she retired from teaching, Jean began to expand their work together, traveling the world, running workshops, and eventually developing mentorship programs. Jean became more than just the organizer, as she was immersed in all things spiritual. Tapping into her natural teaching abilities, she helped students understand the craft, public speaking, and other essential aspects of mediumship.

Mavis and Jean believed that mediums should be trained fully, just like any other profession that deals with people’s minds, such as psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and counselors. They emphasized that becoming an authentic medium required time commitment and in-depth study, and could not be achieved overnight. 

After Mavis’ death in 2022, Jean was determined to take Mavis’ legacy forward and ensure that her remarkable knowledge and experience will continue to inspire future generations. She believes that excellent mediumship heals two worlds, and that as Mavis always said, “Love, like life, can never die.” 



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