Mark Bentley
Richard Rudd-appointed Gene Keys Ambassador & Human Design Guide

Mark Bentley, a keen explorer of the fragile yet exquisite human condition, celebrates the witnessing of individuals discovering their authentic purpose and thriving in the pursuit. After completing his “Living Your Design Guide” Human Design training with John Martin in 2012, he discovered the Gene Keys in 2013, which led him to making a covenant with the Gene Keys Living Transmission and becoming one of the world’s first Ambassadors for the work in 2019. Mark has since worked with hundreds of clients around the world, helping them discover their sense of authentic self while cultivating empowerment through sovereignty and emotional resilience.

An international facilitator of the work, he traveled the globe to share the Gene Keys, hosting exquisite in-person retreats in Bali and Australia, and teaching online courses with participants from around the world. In 2019, he began working for Richard Rudd and the Gene Keys Publishing team in setting up and facilitating global Deep Dive Virtual Retreats. In 2020, as the world was being thrown into confusion, he had the blessing of leading the international Deep Dive into Genius Virtual Retreat.

Mark is a versatile teacher who speaks from an embodiment of the transmission rather than just a mental understanding. He has a passion for guiding those who resonate with his offerings to break through the limits of self-belief and lean even deeper into the human experience on the journey to living an ecstatic life filled with meaning and delight.

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