Michael Brian Baker
Founder and CEO of The Breath Center

For nearly 20 years, Michael Brian Baker has held solid ground at the intersection of modern science and universal wisdom traditions, such as yogic pranayama, Western physiology, South American entheogens, harmonic frequencies, and sound healing. He travels the world conducting multisensory experiences that are truly transformational for mind, body, and spirit.

Participants experience deep healing, expanded awareness, increased vitality, and a new sense of purpose. In the weeks and months following their life-changing experiences, they discover a new and exciting ability to inhabit their right place in the world. Thousands have called this life-changing work the most profound experience of their lives, likening it to a rebirth, spiritual awakening, peak experience, realization of their true self, or “seeing God.”

Reports of lasting change and, in many cases, the elimination of stubborn challenges such as addiction, anxiety, depression, anger, PTSD, and insomnia are common. As the founder and head of The Breath Center, Michael has taught his "Anatomy of Awakening" practitioner training course and certified hundreds of advanced facilitators. He is beloved by retreat participants, conference attendees, and festival goers around the world. He now heads The Academy of Integrated Human Sciences LLC and is pioneering advancements in software development that will advance the acceleration of the merging of technology and the expansion of human consciousness.

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