Satyen Raja
Founder of The Get A Life Company and WarriorSage, author of "Living Ecstasy"

Black belt, entrepreneur, author, trainer, iconoclast, visionary, and life-architect are just a few of the words that describe Satyen Raja. With 30 years as a teacher in multiple disciplines from around the globe, Satyen gleans the essence of the wisdom and distills it down to its very workable essence.

His presentation style, whether in a one-to-one radio interview, or to an auditorium of thousands, is provocative, inspiring, and above all, full of practical wisdom. He has a unique gift for hearing what lies beneath his listeners’ questions, and giving answers that convey deep truths with incredible heart. Never shy of controversy, he is willing to take conventional wisdom to task where it falls short in order to give his students the most comprehensive teachings.

Satyen Raja circles the globe, offering experiential trainings; from martial arts training - to the art of generating money and from creating passionate love - to obtaining a deeper satisfaction in life. He is known as a visionary and provocateur, while also being infinitely practical, giving people powerful tools to improve and transform their lives.

In interviews and thousand person presentations, Satyen is energetic, provocative and engaging. He is a sought-after speaker and radio hosts rave about how the phones light up when Satyen is their guest. Ferocious and warm by turns, he will challenge and encourage his students in order to bring out the best in them. A true teacher, he is flexible and adapts easily to every question and situation.

Prior to founding his current venture, The Get A Life Company, Satyen created and ran a variety of highly successful businesses, including several martial arts schools, as well as a multi-million dollar, personal growth global enterprise known as WarriorSage. He is a lifelong learner, gaining wisdom from a variety of sources; distilling and combining them into cohesive lessons to be shared with the global community.

In his personal life, he is a devoted husband and father of two exceptional children.


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