Alana Fairchild
Creative Visionary & Guiding Light

Alana Fairchild is an artist of a different kind, a spiritual visionary and creative powerhouse of inspiration. With a loving sense of humor and an open nature, Alana weaves a quality of magic through her presence and her work, radiating a field of energy that vitalizes and comforts. She is a rare being with access to a nourishing channel of vitalizing spiritual “juice” that genuinely stimulates spiritual awakening and spiritual healing. Her energy is a consciousness catalyst for transformation, with a gentleness, purity, and potency that sets her apart.

Alana’s language is a soul language, a spiritual language, a heart language. Her spiritual offerings are aligned with freedom rather than doctrine. They are supported and guided for effectiveness and evolution, and are available to all, regardless of religious or belief systems. Alana has dedicated her life to creating unique works that will heal and uplift you at a deep level.


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