Sabrina Chaw
Women's Empowerment Mentor

Sabrina Chaw, CEO of A Feminine Feast, helps women discover their unique path and power through the awakening of their feminine core and spirit. After suffering severe health challenges in her 40’s and 50’s, Sabrina left a 34 year successful career in the corporate world, dove into the science of holistic health and feminine psychology, and transformed her health, life, and work into vibrancy, empowerment, and fulfillment. She has since supported thousands of women in coming back home to their embodied truth and core. Her wisdom was hard-earned and profound, which ultimately filled her with a greater sense of ease, surrender, ecstasy, joy — and even youth. She now dedicates her work to women over 50 in empowering them to light their true path to happiness.

The host of The Shift Network’s popular summit, Resilience and Renewal in Your Third Act, Sabrina guides women in all the aspects of life that ignite us. She created the Five Gateways to Taking Flight in Your Third Act that heals old beliefs, identifies your deepest longing and gifts, creates the Avatar of your life, and empowers you in cultivating your authentic relationship with your closest allies (your ancestors, your body/energy, your divine connection, your relationship to the masculine, and your relationship to death, surrender, and timelessness).

At the age of 62, Sabrina is devoted to being a possibilitarian of her own life, and that of all women over 50.


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