Doña Eugenia Pineda Casimiro
Mazateca Healer & Ceremonial Guide

Doña Eugenia Pineda Casimiro is a Mazateca healer from Huautla de Jiménez, Mexico, a little town in the region of Oaxaca brought to fame by María Sabina and her work with Los Niños Santos, or “the holy children.” Trained in her ancestral lineage by her mother, Abuela Julieta Pineda Casimiro of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, Eugenia worked by her side since childhood, and accompanied her through all of her world travels. Eugenia inherited this altar to carry on the family legacy upon her mother’s passing in 2018.

Eugenia is mother to three beautiful children and resides in her familial home in Huautla.  Along with her sisters, the family carries on its traditions of doing exquisite embroidery, harvesting beeswax for candle-making, and cultivating coffee and cacao.

Helping other people and following the path of light and God are the deepest expressions of Eugenia’s heart.

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